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   Chapter 192 Whose Daughter Is She

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Seeing that Director Pryor didn't mean to force her to leave, Vana immediately said with a shy face, "Director Pryor, I think there must be some misunderstanding between us. Why don't you think about it again and see if you can use me again. I don't care what kind of scenes you give me, and I can also do high-difficulty and dangerous movements. What do you think, Director Pryor?"

After thinking for a while, Pryor finally nodded to Vana and said, "Since you didn't say it personally, I allow you to come back. But our play was invested by Charles, so I have to ask him about it."

"What? Ask him!"

If Charles rejected her, she would have no chance.

"Ha ha, director, in fact, Charles took me to the group just because he was entrusted by my friend. I'm not familiar with him. Wouldn't it be troublesome if you ask him? How about this? You can trust my ability. I'm a substitute, not the main character. You can make the decision directly!"

"I make the decision?" Seeing the hope on Vana's face, Pryor finally nodded and agreed, "Although I don't know what happened between you and Charles, I value your ability. If it's unnecessary, I will try to avoid you and Charles filming together. You also deliberately avoid arousing suspicion at that time. I will pay the service fee according to the contract. If you agree, I will inform you to join the team after these scenes are finished."

"That's great, Director Pryor. How about we leave each other's phone number?"

So Vana happily left a phone call with Pryor. After this matter was settled, she started the motorbike and continued to drive towards the HJ Empire.

It was not particularly cold in winter. On the way back, there were still some small animals looking for food. Vana saw Emmy and the little prince deer who she hadn't seen for a long time, and surprisingly, the two were following her home when they saw her.

After discussing with them again, Vana decided to g

g inside. His expression was very cold, even with a trace of fatigue after pain. However, Vana didn't find any familiar expression on Simon's face. The 'Simon' who was very gentle to her was gone.

"Well, Randal, I just want to see how Simon is doing!"

"Oh, he's fine. I think he'll recover after taking the painkillers."

As soon as Randal finished his words, Vana didn't know what to say. Although she had a lot of questions to ask Simon, she just heard about her origin and the harm her family had done to him, so she couldn't treat Simon as before.

"Then... I'm relieved. I have class today. I have to go." Vana said, pointing outside.

"Okay, I'll call you then!"

Randal didn't ask Vana to stay, nor did he ask her to see Simon. It meant that Simon didn't want to get close to Vana now.

So Vana nodded and went downstairs quickly. The moment she got on the motorcycle, she thought she was going to be cut off the relationship with Simon.

It was not until Vana made up her mind to leave that she started her motorbike and drove towards her rental house.

The lesson this morning was delayed, so Vana couldn't delay the lesson in the afternoon. Although there was a barrier between her and Simon, she had to try her best to fulfill the thing that she had promised Renee.

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