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   Chapter 191 Encountering The Director

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A string of footsteps appeared outside the rain shed. Vana saw three or four men in black stopped outside.

"Where is he? Why not here?"

"Damn it! He ran away!"

"It's not easy to control him, but since the test has been successful, the leaders won't blame us."

"Then what should we do now? Just go back and report it?"

"Forget it. Anyway, this brat has been put the thing in his body. I think he will gradually forget what he saw. Let's go. We have to deal with that old bastard."

"Yes, if that old man is released again, our task this time will be too unworthy. So many brothers have died."

After a few more complaints, it was finally quiet outside the rain shed.

Seeing that the group of people had gone far, Vana immediately pushed the little boy behind her. "They have left. You are safe now."

But the boy fell to the ground as soon as Vana pushed him. It turned out that he fainted at some time.

Vana had no choice but to carry the boy on her back and send him to a nearby clinic.

When Vana came out of the clinic at one o'clock in the morning, she saw a strange person peeping at her from a bush.

She thought it must have something to do with the little boy. Since the person didn't take the boy away from her before, he wouldn't do anything to him now, so Vana went home.

The recall stopped here. Vana asked Charles in confusion, "How do you know what happened that year? Wait, do you mean the little boy I met at that time might be Simon?"

Charles nodded, "The people who followed you was sent by my adoptive father."

"So, at that time, Simon said that there was a bug in his chest, which was the parasite that others used to poison him?" It was not until Lucia drugged Simon that Vana knew the parasite looked like that. So she didn't think of the memory seven or eight years ago.

But something was weird. The thing that Simon was drugged the parasite had nothing to do with her. Why did Charles tell Randal that she had something to do with Simon's disability?

"Charles, did you lie to Randal that you could find out the cause of Simon's disability in o

hen Vana was wondering, a group of people rushed over in an instant. The driver of the truck also ran over and scolded, "What's wrong, director? Didn't the place be cleaned up? If this person was killed by me, is it my responsibility or yours?"


Vana immediately began to look around, and instantly saw a person looking at her angrily.

"What's wrong with you? Don't you see the cordon around us? You... Wait, Vana? Are you Vana?"

Pryor looked at Vana in surprise. He didn't expect to see her racing on the street for the second time.

Vana's expression was like a child seeing a mother. She immediately showed an expression of grievance and said, "Oh, Director Pryor, I finally see you. I have been looking for your phone number before, but I didn't get it. I left a message on Micro-blog, but you didn't reply. Director Pryor, I want to ask you if there is any turning point for my stand in. I really don't want to miss this opportunity."

"What? Didn't you ask Charles to tell me that you wouldn't come? Do you mean you want to come back now?"

"I asked Charles to tell you that I wouldn't come? Isn't it because Charles doesn't want me to act in the movie?"

What the hell? It was Charles who didn't allow her to come, but why did he made it on her. My God. How could he do this to let her leave a bad impression to the director? How could she behave herself in the future?

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