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   Chapter 181 Who Are You

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The good banquet was interrupted by a group of irrelevant people. All the designers present looked at the person who was to blame -- Brandon.

Brandon was surprised, because there were also his good friends present.

When Sunny Li saw that Brandon was looking at her, she immediately realized that something was wrong. After all, Brandon was not very good in this circle. On the contrary, he was often associated with the words "plagiarist dog", "theft", "plagiarism" and so on. At this time, Brandon looked at her with a familiar expression.

Sunny Li was very desperate. Although she was in this circle, among these seniors present, her ranking was the last, and she was really not a master in the circle.

"Sunny, are you also here?"

Sunny Li smiled awkwardly and nodded as an answer.

In fact, she was already more than 30 years old. It was as embarrassing as a dog to be called "Sunny" by the unfamiliar Brandon.

"Are you having a design meeting tonight?" Brandon didn't understand Sunny Li's indifference, but chatted warmly.

When the students outside heard that Brandon was really familiar with this group of celebrities, they all looked forward to it.

Standing next to Renee, Vana could feel that Renee looked at Brandon unfriendly from time to time. She guessed that Brandon must have a bad reputation in the industry.

And it seemed that no one present wanted to be close to him, because for the sake of their relationship, they were too embarrassed to drive him out.

Vana approached Renee and whispered, "Auntie, is this teacher a celebrity in the design industry?"

With a helpless expression on her face, Renee said, "This man is called Brandon Song. He likes to plagiarize the works of Kim. Sometimes I don't know where he got the news. He used the inspiration that Kim is going to use in advance before Kim, which made Kim's creation suf

deliberately stressed the words "a famous designer". Brandon felt that Vana was deliberately provoking him, and immediately became angry.

All the time, everyone in this circle had been paying attention to personal reputation. Even if they hated or resisted Brandon, they would warn him by words or in a more euphemistic way. After the warning, Brandon kept a low profile, but he didn't regret it. He still used other people's ideas to attract the public's attention from time to time.

He was like a bark dog that could not be beaten away. No matter how many bites he took, he would stop for a while. But after a period of time, the bark dog would stick up again. It was disgusting, but everyone couldn't find a solution.

"There are so many things I don't know. You are really surprising. You seem to be a new comer, so I won't blame you. I don't blame you if you can't guess my name, because you don't have any talent in this field. You don't even know my name. You don't have to work in this industry anymore."

Vana was angry. How could Brandon judge people so casually? Just because she didn't know him, she didn't have such a talent?

"You mean that I have to know you? But I'm sorry. I know everyone here. As for you, who are you? "

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