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   Chapter 177 Party

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"Excuse me, do you need an ordinary room?" The waiter asked the two people in front of him again. Victor had some hesitation, Petty nodded decisively and said, "Ok!"

"What are you talking about, Petty? Our membership fee is only enough to cover the minimum consumption of the private room. If we open a wine, we can only open a wine within two thousand."

Victor immediately refuted. If he had known it earlier, he would have called to ask about the consumption here. Unexpectedly, a word from Sandy in the chat group attracted the attention of Petty. Petty also said that she would come here to see who Vana and Sally were dating.

Victor didn't understand Petty. Since she entered the class, she had been holding grudges against Vana. Although Vana did have some negative reports that made everyone very resistant, they didn't want to monitor the other party's private life.

At this time, some students began to doubt it.

"Petty, our original plan is to take half of the wine and the dishes. Why do you decide it yourself? Isn't it too disrespectful for us? "

"Don't be like this. Although Petty is a little stubborn, I think it's rare for us to eat in such a high-end place. Just a little more expensive. The worst result is that we don't order wine later."

"How can we do that? Both Finn and Daisy Xu like drinking. Our purpose is to get in touch with our masters. Otherwise, why do we gather together? "

"Well, the ten thousand membership fee, we have two thousand to order wine."

"Do you mean that two thousand can make the two masters teach us all? Besides, we have agreed to go to the karaoke club to enhance our relationship, haven't we? "

"It's none of your business. What do you think we should do?"

"How can you blame me? It's Petty..."

In an instant, everyone pointed at Petty again. Petty didn't like to be talked about because of money in front of others. Since she had decided to follow Vana, she gritted her teeth and said ruthlessly, "I'll pay for

e topic.

There was a private room next to the Room Beauty. At this time, a meeting was being held.

When Vana took Sally in, many celebrities had gathered in the spacious and luxurious box. These celebrities were the mainstays of the design circle. Because of a call from Renee, they came to make new friends in the name of party.

Renee didn't expect that her unintentional words would make so many people gather here.

"Wow, Vana, are you sure it's Charles's friend who called you here? Why do I feel like I have entered the design circle? And have you seen it? Miss Renee is over there. "

Vana nodded. She was shocked by Renee's importance to her. But before she came here, she told Renee that her friend didn't know their relationship, so she didn't want the news to spread and affect her future design.

After all, with the family name, Vana's personal efforts would be associated with these.

Renee could understand, so she didn't go over and talk to Vana when Vana came.

But this time, Vana was in a dilemma, because she didn't mention Charles's friend before. How could she talk to other designers? She couldn't always make everyone confused why she and Sally appeared here.

It occurred to Vana that when she looked around, she saw Kim Jin, the world famous master, looking at her from time to time.

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