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   Chapter 176 Is The Membership Fee Enough

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The progress was still slow in the afternoon. After making a goal for each other, Sally and Vana made simple drawing on the computer.

Today, the students of the class didn't forget to satirize Vana. Although they were not in the mood to pay attention to Vana because of the morning class, they still stared at her.

After a self-taught questioning class, the students had half an hour off to relax.

At this time, a few students who were trying to please Zoe ran to the computer of her and Petty's and discussed about the party tonight.

The reason why the students of different cities were divided into one class was to build their connections in their own circle. Therefore, the students of this year planned to gather together tonight to get closer to each other, so as to pave the way for the future.

There were several handsome boys among the students. They gathered around Petty and Zoe, surrounded by a large group of girls and spoke very loudly.

One of the boys named Victor Xia was very handsome. He was talking to Petty with a smile, "Petty, the dinner will be held in No. 3 Mansion tonight. I heard that there are your customers there. Can you apply for a discount?"

Petty raised her eyebrows, looked at Vana and said, "I don't know any customer of No. 3 Mansion, but I remember that Vana has a guest here. You can ask her."

Petty was still thinking about what happened yesterday noon. Originally, no one invited Vana and her friend Sally to the party, but Petty wanted to lead the conflict to Vana, so she said so.

But as soon as she finished her words, everyone around her was embarrassed.

"Petty, we didn't invite Vana and Sally to our dinner party. If you ask Victor to ask Vana, won't you... You want us to take her with us? ?"

"Well, it's no matter of bringing her with a discount. Besides, we pay for it at our own cost. It's good for her."

"But I feel sick when I see her. It will make everyone sick, won't it?"

"That's right. I don't want to have a party with such a disgusting woman."

All of a sudden, Petty's suggestion aroused everyone's objection to Vana. Petty felt a little better now.

However, both Sally and Vana still heard that. Sally mumbled angrily, "I really don't understand why Petty is so hostile to you. The party is spon

Xia and Petty to enter such a high-end hotel, but there were a group of people who had never seen the luxury hotel behind them. Immediately, there was a burst of cheer in the reception hall, which made Victor Xia and Petty a little embarrassed.

Petty came to the front desk and asked, "Is there a room for twenty people?"

Victor Xia said, "There's no need for a luxurious box. By the way, do you have any activities here, such as a discount for drinks?"

Petty was speechless, but the waiter in front of her quickly replied, "Hello, we can accommodate many people in our private room, and there are many seats to choose. Generally speaking, the consumption of a supreme room must be full of fifty thousand. Since this gentleman said that there was no need to be too luxurious, I'll book an ordinary room for you. The consumption of an ordinary room needs to be full of eight thousand, and we don't have other activities. Can you accept this arrangement? "

"Eight thousand? Oh my God, is our membership fee enough? "

After one of the students said this, Victor Xia was in a dilemma. Although their membership fees were enough to cover the cost of a private room, there would be a tutor coming later. If they not even open a good wine, they would have no hope in the future.

And this party was suddenly separated from other classes, which was also a loss. After all, it was another kind of resource sharing when the tutor of each class gathered together, but after coming here, only the tutors of their class came.

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