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   Chapter 174 Aunt Is Here For Class

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At the dinner time, the most intimate relationship among the three, the atmosphere became very harmonious and relaxed.

After dinner, Simon went to the bedroom alone to read some documents. Renee taught Vana some useful and convenient ways to learn in the living room. It was not until about half past nine that Renee told Vana to memorize the shortcut key of the computer drawing in advance, and then she left with satisfaction.

After knowing that Vana and Simon got along so well with each other, the first thing Renee did after going downstairs was to call her sister Judy. The two sisters were the most intimate, and they even spoke without reserve.

Renee opened the door of car and got in, and said on the phone, "Vana's rental house doesn't have heating. This child can really endure hardship. She was forced by Lucia."

"Well, that's why I have been persuading Monie to solve the problem of Lucia as soon as possible and take Vana home. I wonder how things are going with him."

"Monie can't work hard on this alone. Ask brother-in-law to keep an eye on the company. Hasn't he begun to work hard? I guess the result will come out in the near future. "

Judy nodded her head and agreed. Then she asked anxiously, "By the way, what do you think of the relationship between Vana and Monie? Will my grandson be born very late? Did the two get along well? Did Vana distance herself from Monie because of Lucia? "

"Sister, you are too anxious. Vana had been married for less than two months. Besides, Monie told me that the two of them didn't have time to have dinner together until Lucia went abroad. If Lucia comes back tomorrow, I'm afraid Monie will go back. "

"Well... No, we have to help Vana. "

Renee giggled and said helplessly, "I knew you would say so, so I'll ask Vana to study in my studio from tomorrow on. Monie's company happens to be downstairs of my studio. It's okay for them to meet with each other."

"Really? That's great. You are really a good aunt. " Judy and Renee talked for a long time.

In the rental house, on the soft and warm bed.

Simon had already tur


Vana thought that she had to ask Cora here as soon as possible, hoping to solve the problem of the parasite in Simon's body.

It was rare for the two of them to be together without any distraction, so Vana naturally wanted to let Simon feel her existence. After intimacy, Vana took the initiative for the first time. This time, Simon felt that his whole body was burning, and whether it was from the top to the end, he could feel the existence of Vana.

The shouts in the ears were not stopping. The heating in the room gave off an ambiguous atmosphere. They had sex to the extreme, and the two had never been so satisfied.

Late at night, the wind was blowing.

Vana had fallen asleep, but Simon received a phone call, he immediately stood up and left the bed.

Lucia came back from M Country with powerful information. It was expected that she would make a big move this time. In order not to make the other party suspicious, Simon had made up his mind to react this time.

When he put on his clothes and took the documents to leave, he heard the tired Vana's somniloquy. Then, Simon approached Vana, gently rubbed her hair with his big palm and whispered, "I will give you a reply as soon as possible!"

As if feeling someone touching her, Vana rubbed against the big palm, and then a gentle smile appeared on Simon's face. Then he withdrew his hand and went out with the documents.

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