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   Chapter 172 Genius

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Petty was so angry that she expect that Simon would know what kind of coquettish bitch Vana was, but she knew how well Simon treated Vana. For what? Just because Vana was beautiful and she was Terence's girlfriend?

If that was the case, she also had a condition to be valued by Simon.

After thinking about it, Petty turned to look at James beside her, but he had been eating all the time. He was so casual in front of Simon, so he must have a good relationship with Simon.

However, Petty looked at Marcus. Petty didn't give up on him until Marcus gave her a ferocious expression.

At the same time, Vana, who was still talking with Simon, had discussed with Simon about study and work again. Recently, Vana was a little unlucky. Her cooperation with Charles had been terminated, and now she couldn't even go to work.

Although she was ordered to stop working because of the scandal, the impact of the scandal would definitely pass. By that time, if she hadn't work, she couldn't afford the living cost.

During the meal, all the people were depressed. Vana and Simon didn't have a good time to date. Fortunately, after Petty and Zoe had meal, they still remembered to comfort Finn, so they ran to Finn's side. On the surface, Simon asked Terence to see off Vana, but in fact, he wanted to talk about something else with Vana.

When Petty and Zoe saw that Vana got on Simon's car, the two of them got on Finn's car indignantly. Then they tried to retrieve the relationship among them and Finn all the way. On the contrary, Finn had seen the two people clearly, so he was perfunctory all the way.

On the other side, the red sports car drove away. On this side, Simon and Vana sat in the car alone, and the other three assistants stood on the roadside outside waiting for the end of the intimate relationship between the two.

Vana knew that Simon was a little dissatisfied with her leaving Petty and Zoe to have meal at the same table, so she came over to comfort Simon, "Are you angry?"

Simon sighed deeply, "Women are so complicated. I've always heard that three women make a scene. I didn't expect that watching a play is so tired."

Vana giggled, but she stil

to take the initiative to learn, and we will support you. "

"Ha, ha, I'm a little embarrassed. What if I let you down?"

Speaking of this, Renee took out a piece of jewelry design that Vana had created from a pile of drawings aside. The shape of the jewelry on the drawing was exaggerated, it was full of wildness and fashion, making Renee's eyes brighten.

But there was something missing. Renee hadn't thought of it for the time being, but it didn't affect her appreciation of Vana. She looked at the drawing and said, "Vana, your attainments in drawing are very deep. I think what you said before is wrong. You won't disappoint us, but surprise us."

"Well, but this is an unchanged work. The corners of each of them are too sharp. I plan to cut the corners with triangle and hexagonal, which will be much better."

"Yes, you are right. I had this idea when I saw this work, but I can't imagine the appearance of the finished product. You don't even need to use computer to notice it. You are a natural jewelry designer."

Generally speaking, the purpose of a design director was to make the designers more intuitively perceive the flaws in their own work, and since Vana didn't know how to draw on the computer, she would naturally make up for the mistakes in this way. Because of this, she collected a lot of information to learn all kinds of jewelry knowledge. She didn't expect to be praised by Renee. It was really a surprise for her.

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