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   Chapter 154 Things Have Changed

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On the second morning, Vana and the other three had breakfast at the same table. During the breakfast, Bill remained silent and didn't say much. However, it seemed that Lewis and Eric were a little reluctant to Vana, and they kept picking up food for Vana and saying something with concern.

Vana had never known that they had already become family after getting along with each other for four years. Besides, there were a lot of people in the organization. Only the six of them gathered together every day, and they were the most affectionate.

After breakfast, Vana was going to board a plane at a nearby equipment station. After hugging with Lewis and Eric respectively, Bill stood on another plane and waved his hand, "Bye."

Vana looked at his direction and nodded. Then Bill turned around and went into the cabin, disappearing in front of Vana.

A few hours later, Vana met Cora from Erdo Country in the airport. She hadn't seen Cora for a long time, but she was a little younger than before.

Cora was wearing a pink baseball uniform, a pink skirt and a pair of sneakers with rabbit ears.

When Vana saw her, she felt a sense of intimacy between mother and daughter. She even felt that Cora was more youthful and energetic than her niece, Lola.

But in fact, they were at the same age, only one month younger than Vana.

When the two of them got on a taxi and rushed to the villa of Simon, Cora asked about the situation of Simon with concern. When she knew that the poison was obsessive poison, Cora said confidently that she had many ways to force it out, which made Vana feel relieved.

The car arrived at the No. 7 Golden Seat of the HJ Empire. Except for Simon and his assistants, all the members of the Si Family came out to welcome Vana and Cora.

When Vana was about to introduce Cora to everyone, Judy and Lynn walked up to Vana anxiously at the same time, with a puzzled expression on their faces. "Vana, you... You

he saw the expression on his face. Vana asked worriedly, "How could you be like this?"

Simon bit Vana's lips and gently touched Vana's waist. The lust in the air was rising, but when Simon said in a low and hoarse voice, Vana knew that Simon was awake.

"It seems that Lucia poisoned the wrong parasite!"

"What?" 'The wrong parasite? In other words, it was not the obsessive poison that tied up Simon and Lucia, but what kind of poison was it?

But judging from the look on Simon's face, was he...

"Is this aphrodisiac worm?"

Although Vana was not sure, she was speechless when she saw that Simon nodded.

"What's going on now? Lucia just said that you had let her in! "

Seeing that Vana was a little angry, Simon held Vana in his arms and pressed her against the door. Simon looked up at Vana and said, "Help me solve this problem first. It will be very uncomfortable if I don't solve it."


Vana didn't want to do that at all, but since Simon said he was uncomfortable, it should have the effect of poison. Vana had no choice but to kiss obediently on Simon's lips as a response, and then Simon's kisses were dense.

This time, Simon's action was very fast in almost twenty minutes. After that, Vana went to see Simon, and he was indeed much better than before.

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