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   Chapter 153 Who Cheat First

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Vana had never told Bill that her dream was to become a designer. It must be investigated by Bill. But Vana had only told this to Charles except for Simon.

Yes, Charles!

Vana remembered that Charles called a man's name after she got drunk that night -- Kelvin. According to Simon, Bill's real name was Kelvin Lu, while Kelvin called Charles brother...

Yes, their organization logo was FA, which was on behalf of Kelvin. How could she be so stupid?

"Brother, do you know that Bill has another older brother? He is a famous star in the H Country?" Vana immediately looked up at Lewis, hoping to see the answer from his eyes.

However, there was no expression on Lewis's face. He took off the wall lamp and said to Vana, "I have no right to interfere in his private affairs, but someone will tell you." Then he touched Vana's hair and said, "I'll clean it up later. You have to eat it up!"

Vana still wanted to ask him to stay, but Lewis said he had to serve that guy, so he left.

After Lewis left, Vana was not in the mood to eat at all. She sat on the chair and scratched the plate with a fork, making a very crisp sound. Thinking of something else, she naturally did not feel this sound harsh. But the people who had been standing outside couldn't help but show up at the door with his hands crossed in anger.

His appearance was like a ghost, frightening Vana to throw the fork out.

The fork fell beside Bill's foot and made a thump. Bill immediately smiled evilly and said, "You are so impolite."

Vana recalled the scene that Bill pointed a gun at her before, showing a horrible expression, but she smiled and said, "I... I thought it was ghost. "

"Are you afraid of me?"

Vana was a little scared.

Seeing that Vana didn't say anything, Bill's eyebrows were slowly frowned. Then he pulled the chair in front of Vana and sat down. He looked at Vana's plate and said, "There's no fork. You can only eat dinner with your hands."

Hearing this, Vana chuckled. Then she took a pair of chopsticks from behind the vase of the table, pretending to be relaxed, and said, "In fact, I have always eaten spaghetti with chopsticks. In order not to make you think that I am not elegant, I did not show it."

The expression on Bill's face was frightening. He even thought that Vana was joking. It was not until Vana washed the chopsticks and began to eat noodles that Bill was sure that this woman was not funny.

But fortunately, the atmosphere between them changed a little. Vana seemed to de

ill was obviously a little angry.

"Don't you think it's none of your business?" Vana finally had a clear estimation of herself, but she did not finish her words, so she looked very aggrieved.

In fact, the reason why Bill found the female killer last time was to make Vana jealous. But how could this crazy woman drag him out of the room to date with the female killer? ? ?

God, how could there be such a stupid woman.

"No, you can continue."

"Don't you know that women always expect pure love? You were not pure before. At least when you said you loved her, how could you sleep with other women every night? What kind of love do you have? That's why the female killer left angrily when she was helpless with you later. I couldn't persuade her back. "

Bill: ...

"Do you mean that I should love someone wholeheartedly?"

"Yes, just like Simon and I, we can't have any other people after we get married. Otherwise, we can't have other lovers. In this case, we can hand over to the court for judgment. People like you are going to be kicked out, even without leaving any property."

It was not until then that Bill realized what had happened. He murmured, "So I cheated on you first."


"I will investigate the relevant legal situation and then reply to you."

What the hell? Did Bill not understand what she said at all?

Vana felt helpless, but soon Lewis came here and said that the dinner was ready for Bill. As soon as Bill had something to investigate, he walked out of Vana's room.

After Bill left, Vana let out a sigh of relief. It seemed that Bill had forgotten what happened before. As long as their relationship was alleviated.

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