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   Chapter 152 Back To The Original Place

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Finally, the gunshot didn't fell. Throwing away the gun, Bill walked to the door.

"I will only keep you for one night. From today on, as you said, we have nothing to do with each other."

Bill said in a heartless tone. Vana felt a sting in her heart and raised her head in panic.

After Bill left, Vana didn't say anything. But as soon as the door was closed, Vana burst into tears.

Vana remembered that she had only been in the organization for a year. She wanted to go back to take revenge, so she told Bill that she wanted to leave. Bill didn't agree to let her go, and she even oppose him. At that time, Bill was much stronger than he was now. He ordered people to tie up Vana in the cage to punish the prisoners, and then sank the cage into the lake of L Island, leaving only Vana's head outside. Then she soaked in the lake for a day and a night. When Bill went to the lake and asked if Vana knew she was wrong, Vana spat out a mouthful of water on Bill's face.

Later, Bill made a lot of fake pictures. Some were insulted, some were cut off her hands and legs and soaked in the transparent glass tank, and some were locked in the big cage, surrounded by the buyers... If Vana dared to leave without permission, Bill would send these photos to her family, including the media in H Country, so that everyone would know what happened to Vana, so that she could not have a foothold in H Country.

For the sake of her family, Vana did not go back. But she transferred her hatred to Bill, who had once become the man she hated most.

Vana's eyes were blinded by hatred. When they continued to live their own life, Vana knew that she shouldn't be so cowardly, so she began to take other plans. It was one of her plans to lure Bill into loving her, but it became the trigger of the explosion of the relationship between the two people now.

Vana still remembered that when she confessed her love to Bill, he looked at her contemptuously and want her to be gentle. In order to return to the country, Vana flirted with him in his room

s time to expand the scope. We have made a lot of preparations for this day. The damage is inevitable, but in order to grow stronger in the future, I think we should bear it."

Vana subconsciously felt that this was a catastrophe, and the expansion of the territory was not carried out in the center of a large city, but around the edge of a country to begin to collect underground forces, so as to complete their own "kingdom". There were many forces with arms abroad, and it was not a big disaster to take a territory. However, the gunfire in the war area would resound through the night, and the people in those areas would be unable to sleep all night.

"Is there anything I can do for you? For example, stealing confidential information. I'm good at it before. "

"Of course I'll call you when I need you. Don't forget that you're still in the organization," said Lewis with a smile.


"By the way, we have sent the original pictures of your rumors to the media in H Country. Your identity will be proved to be innocent. We have changed your experience here to charity in the welfare house after being rescued by kind-hearted people. I think it should be helpful for you in the future."

"Eh? Are you trying to pave the way for me? "

"Yes, he said that he just knew your dream was to be a designer and would support you all the way."

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