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   Chapter 150 Spare Each Other

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L Island was an island with many deer. In the past, Bill bought the castle because of the environment here. Since then, the organization had been stationed here.

After drinking the black tea for a while, Vana felt that her appetite had a conflict with Bill. She had never thought the black tea was bad before, but today it was a little tasteless. And the coffee and black tea of Si Family was much better than the one made by Bill. Vana took a few sips and put down the tea cup.

After a long time, the voice of Bill came from the quiet hall.

"How long will you be back this time?"

Hearing this, Vana wanted to say that she would leave soon, but if so, it would be too brutal to him. After hesitating for a second, Vana replied, "I have to go back early tomorrow morning!"

Bill nodded and took a few sips of black tea.

Vana felt a little awkward in the room. She was not used to this kind of silence.

"Don't you need to leave today? Or did I affect your schedule? "

"It doesn't matter. We can go to the H Country together tomorrow!"

Vana immediately asked in confusion, "But don't you hate H Country? Why do you still want to settle down in the H Country? Besides, you haven't eliminated all the forces here. Won't it be dangerous to go to the H Country? "

As Bill didn't like to cooperate with outsiders, they had offended many people here. Many of them wanted to kill Bill. Moreover, after they went to the H Country, their defense couldn't be spread out, and the safety would only be more dangerous than here.

Although Vana was worried about Bill, she had been in the alliance for four years and had no other feelings.

But these words meant something else to Bill.

"What do you want to say?"

Vana paused and looked up at him, "I just think it's safer here than H Country, isn't it?"

Vana's straightforward words made Bill a little angry. His eyes were full of gloom, l

he had come to this place for countless times, and once slept on his bed in the name of "seducing". But now when she thought of it, she felt it was a nightmare.

"Bill, how can you do this to me? I'm married. It's against the rules for you to do this. "

Bill threw Vana on the bed and wiped the sweat on his face ruthlessly. His shirt was wet with sweat, and his skin under the black flowers was visible.

"Do you still know that you are married? I've been waiting for you for two years. Now it's time to have my right as a husband. "

When Bill took off his shirt, his skin was exposed. The resentful expression of Vana stung his eyes. As Vana bit her lips stubbornly, Bill couldn't help but pounce on her again. Bill used his hands to touch the softest part of Vana, and kissed the softest part of Vana with his lips.

Something was breaking, and Vana was extremely disappointed in Bill.

She had planned to give Bill the title of "the most harmonious ex-boyfriend", but now she felt that she was too wrong. Bill was just a beast.

"Bill, let me go. I don't love you. I didn't love you before, and I don't love you now. We two can spare each other, okay? I will never come back to provoke you again. From now on, you go your own way, and I go my own way. "

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