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   Chapter 149 I Miss You A Little

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Just as Vana was looking at the clear lake and thinking about something, a cold voice came from behind Vana, "Cora has been busy recently."

"What? When can she finish the task? "

"She is near the H Country, Erdo Country!"

Vana was immediately surprised. She looked behind happily and said, "So you mean that I can go back directly to find Cora?" She can spend a whole day to go to the Magic City to see Simon. "

The expression on Eric's face froze for a second, but he quickly said, "Don't you go to see him?"

Vana knew that he was referring to Bill, but she suddenly stopped smiling and said awkwardly, "You know, I have been out of the organization."

Vana didn't get any answer from anyone. Vana almost thought that she was the only one on the ship. When she subconsciously looked up at the expression of Eric, she didn't feel any fluctuation from his eyes. It was just like the question he asked before was just a casual question, and it was meaningless.

"Brother, I hate myself more rather than there is something unsolvable between me and Bill. In fact, I should have known that our organization is not glorious, but I live in a world of lies I made up, telling myself that I am saving the world, but I am a killer. I forget that the nature of a killer is crime. And I have to impose the wrong resentment on him, thinking that he deceived me and let me take this path. "

"Do you regret it?"

The sudden question made Vana a little confused.

Four years ago, she was thrown here by the kidnappers, and then picked up by Bill in the gunfire. Bill gave her a new life and a new identity. He even taught her how to survive in adversity. Every day, she was grateful to that person for all these experiences. However, it was not up to her to choose whether it was good or bad. She had already stepped on this path and walked into the depths of thorns.

"I regret doing these t

ry. " Even Vana was not used to the fact that Bill didn't angry.

"Yes... Is it? Then I will come here in vain... " As soon as Vana finished her words, she felt that Bill was about to explode, so she immediately said, "But I came back to see you. I haven't seen you for a long time, and I miss you a little!"

The expression on Bill's face became elusory, and then he asked Lewis to drive away the previous beauty. Lewis and Eric went down, and there were only two people in the hall, Vana and Bill. The gloomy old castle made people feel scared. Vana saw that Bill had been looking at her, as if he wanted to see through her.

When Vana was with Bill before, she was just like other people. She often did things that disobeyed him, and it was common for her to lose her temper and oppose him. However, after three months of not getting along with each other, Vana began to be afraid of this arms dealer. She even felt that it was not easy to be with Bill, it was better to leave her alone in the battlefield.

However, it was obvious that Bill didn't think so. Seeing that Vana was overcautious, anxious and at a loss, he finally made an evil smile and said, "Why don't you get close to people when you go abroad? Come and sit here. I made you a black tea."

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