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   Chapter 148 Wait For Me

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Although Vana felt depressed, she still comforted Judy, "Mom, don't worry. I knew a friend in this aspect when I was abroad. Maybe there will be a chance for Monie."

Everyone got excited when they heard what Vana said. Finally, Clark stood up from the sofa with his walking stick and walked up to Vana. "Vana, you said that you know friends in this respect? Is that true? "

Thinking of what Cora had told her about the parasite, Vana nodded and said, "Yes, Grandpa. My friend has studied the parasite for a period of time, so I think she should know something about it."

Finally, the gloom on Clark's face was swept away. He smiled hopefully and said to Vana, "Okay, Vana, please take care of Monie."

Vana nodded and said goodbye to everyone solemnly. Then she walked out of the villa quickly.

It had been three months since she came back. Vana didn't expect to step into that person's territory in this way again. The plane arrived at midnight that night. Vana saw the time on her phone was five o'clock in the morning, but when she got off the plane, she saw it was nine fifteen in the morning at the airport.

Vana called a car to go to the L Island. But when the driver knew that the place was in turmoil, he didn't send Vana there. Vana had no choice but to promise him three times reward. Then he agreed to send Vana to the national highway near the L Island.

It took more than an hour for the driver to drive from Kolk District to Agordat District. The driver transferred from the national highway to the Lake Road, and finally drove Vana to an alley of Eleven Block.

There were traces of gunfire everywhere. On the outer wall of the bar, which used to be a place for people to enjoy themselves, the debris of stone bricks were bounced away.

Destroyed roads and deep pits of various sizes could be seen everywhere on the street. Broken tiles were left on the broken roofs.

Vana walked in this familiar city, and her unforgettable memories could be seen in every corner. Baden Square, the largest undergroun

boat and walked to the deck in front of Vana. Eric stretched out hand and said to Vana, "Stretch out your hand."

Vana woke up from her previous surprise, quickly handed her hand to Eric, and got on the ship with his support.

After she sat down, she asked curiously, "What about the yacht and the water motorcycle? This kind of boat is very hard to drive, isn't it? "

Eric held up the paddle and skillfully rowed the boat behind Vana.

"They were transported away yesterday."

"Yesterday? What are you going to do these days? "

"Ready to leave today!"

"Uh..." It turned out that they were going to the H Country today. But what Vana was curious about was that didn't Bill hate H Country? Why did he transfer the whole base to that place? Was there any reason?

Vana subconsciously put aside all the things related to her, because she did not believe that a murderous person like Bill would pay so much attention to her. Moreover, Bill was not a very affectionate man. The longest love he had been in till now was only a bet with Vana for more than ten hours. In the end, it was Vana who proposed to terminate the bet, because she really couldn't bear to see that Bill was so angry that he couldn't fall asleep because of his relationship with her. That day, he sat in the study of L Island for the whole night. Vana was defeated by him.

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