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   Chapter 147 Incurable Disease

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How could Lucia be such a vicious woman? If she couldn't get what she wanted, she had to use force to get it. Her love for Simon was undoubtedly strong, but Vana didn't agree with this method.

But now, more than half of the parasite had entered the body of Simon. If Vana didn't take it out, the result would be exactly as what Lucia had said. Would Simon be loyal to Lucia in the future? But what would happen if she took it out?

Anyway, she would bear all the consequences. Vana didn't allow it to happen.

Therefore, Vana quickly reached out her hand to the parasite, but when she touched it, the parasite seemed to have sensed the temperature of Vana and immediately went into the chest of Simon. Vana was frightened and quickly pulled back her hand, with a look of panic and disbelief on her face.

"Humph, do you really think it will be all right after you get it out? If you force it out now, it will turn into water by itself. The ingredients in the water contain poison protein and more than 20 kinds of enzyme, which are fatal enough. At that time, Simon will be die."

"Why? What do you want? Do you have to do this just because you love Simon? "

With unwillingness on Lucia's face, she said coldly, "Do you think I'm willing to do this to Simon? I have done that because he could only love you. "

Vana felt the pain of suffocation. She would never let go of Lucia. Even if she couldn't find a way to deal with the obsessive poison for a while, she wouldn't let go of Lucia. When Vana tried to teach Lucia a lesson, she saw that Lucia quickly bit Terence's wrist, and Terence let go of her in pain. Then in a second, Lucia hid in front of a glass wall. She pressed a button, and the glass wall suddenly slid, and she quickly dodged to the steps behind the glass wall.

It was raining heavily outside, and Lucia's clothes was instantly wet.

Vana wanted to chase after her, but she was worried about Simon.

Standing on the hanging stairs leading to another building, Luci

If Mrs. Vana hadn't seen it with her own eyes, we would have thought that Mr. Simon was just in a coma. "

Bruce felt it was a little difficult, but he still asked, "Then why is he in a coma? Is it because of this worm? "

Noticing the anxiety in everyone's eyes, Doctor John hurriedly comforted them, "Mr. Simon was in a coma not because of worm, but because he had been drugged before. This kind of drug contains a kind of ingredient, and too much of it will lead to a deep coma. However, Mr. Simon has been in a coma for more than two hours. I believe that he will be able to wake up tonight."

Hearing what Doctor John said, everyone was relieved, but the low resentment was still not relieved. Doctor John did not want to participate in their family affairs, so he left with his own people.

As soon as the medical staff left, Vana walked up to them resolutely. She looked at Bruce and Judy and said to them, "Grandpa, mom! I have to go abroad to help Simon. "

Judy didn't understand and asked, "Good girl, you can't solve the problem even if you go abroad now. Haven't you heard from doctor? There is no way to cure it. " After saying that, Judy's eyes became moist. Seeing her like this, Vana also felt uncomfortable. Not long after, she felt that the light in the hall was too dazzling, and she even wanted to cry.

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