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   Chapter 145 Storm

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Petty's attitude towards Manuel was very strange, and Vana sensed that there was something wrong.

There were many customers who were very generous to Petty, but it was unreasonable that Petty cared so much about an employee like Manuel.

But the conversation between Petty and Manuel didn't let Vana and the others know. The two of them went to the safe passage.

At this time, Vana remembered that she still had an important thing to do, so she immediately picked up her mobile phone and dialed the number of Simon. This time, the phone was still not connected. Vana was a little confused and did not think much about it. Then she dialed the number of Terence.

Three seconds later, the phone was connected. Terence said in a flattering voice, "Mrs. Vana, why did you call me?"

"Where is Simon? Why didn't he answer my phone? "

Terence was stunned for a second and then prevaricated with a guilty conscience, "Ah, I think he is in a meeting, so he didn't bring the phone into the meeting room."

"You are lying. As long as you are with him, it's impossible for you not to attend the meeting with him."

"Wait, why is the signal suddenly bad here? Hello, Mrs. Vana, can you hear me? Where are you? Hey, it's strange. Why is there nobody? ...... "

Vana was speechless, and the reaction of Terence was so unreasonable. Something must be happening.

Vana had a vague feeling that something was wrong. If she didn't figure it out, she wouldn't give up.

Vana looked at Sally gloomily. Seeing the expression on Vana's face, Sally immediately made an OK gesture and said, "I understand. Are you going to skip work now, right? Okay, no problem. I believe I can take the shift for you."

Vana thanked Sally and was about to go downstairs. But before she could go downstairs, Sally grabbed her wrist in time and said, "But, Vana, today is the last day for you to make contributions to the sales. Petty has already caught up with you. If you leave now..."

Vana pushed away Sally's hand. She was worried about Simon, so she said, "Forget it. The quota is not so importan

as very big, so Vana immediately found this place.

When she stood at the door, she was surprised to find that it was not in business. The lights in the hall on the first floor were very dim. Maybe it was because of the bad weather that they closed today.

Vana quickly pushed the door open and walked in. There was a round hall and a round bar counter. At this time, someone's head was exposed from behind the bar counter. He seemed to be eating. When he saw someone come in, he quickly swallowed the food in his mouth and said in panic, "We close today. Please leave!"

Vana ignored him and continued to look around. The employee stepped forward to stop Vana angrily. Vana grabbed the man's arm and pressed him to the ground. She asked in a sharp voice, "Is anyone coming in today? The man's name is Simon Si. "

"Simon. Simon Si? No, we haven't had a guest named Simon Si here. "

"How dare you lie to me? You are lying," said Vana angrily, punching the man in the face.

Vana punched the man two more times in anger. The man felt that the woman in front of him was not an ordinary person, and he had encountered this kind of phenomenon since he dealt with the emergence in night club for so many years. So the man still gritted his teeth and did not say anything. For a moment, the hall on the first floor fell into a strange atmosphere, and no one around discovered here.

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