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   Chapter 144 Let Me See How You Explain It

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The sun rose and set, and wind and cloud gathered.

The sky above the Magic City finally changed. At noon, the sun was still hanging in the sky, but at this time, dark clouds were dense outside the French windows. The whole world seemed to be covered by a black curtain. The surrounding buildings emitted bright light, and the whole world was like an endangered boat sinking into the sea.

"Vana, bad news! The group said that Manuel came up angrily."

Sally was worried about something. She quickly looked in the direction of Petty.

Vana's left eyelid kept throbbing, much stronger than that in the morning.

"What's wrong with you, Vana? Why don't you give any response? What if Petty thinks that it's you who did it? After all, you are the only one who has a conflict with her now."

What Sally said was reasonable, but at this time, Vana took out her mobile phone with worry and wanted to call to greet Simon.

"Sally, don't disturb my thoughts for the time being. I have to call an important person. I'm very flustered and think that there might be something wrong with him."

After saying that, Vana ran away with her phone, but no one answered Simon's phone. She called three times, but no one answered.

Beside the counter not far away, a male customer who didn't leave because of the change of the weather was talking and laughing with Petty. A black figure suddenly jumped up from the escalator at the courtyard. After hanging up the phone in a fret, Vana sensed that Manuel had already rushed in the direction of Petty. Vana immediately put down what she was doing and rushed over.

"Boom!" a string of thunders sounded. Petty was so scared that her face turned pale. The customer in front of her took the opportunity to hold Petty's hands and comforted her gently and carefully.

"Petty!" Manuel's voice spread all over the mall, and the employees and customers nearby all looked over.

When Petty heard someone calling her, she quickly raised her head and looked at the source of the voice. The last person she wanted to see appeared in front of her. But Petty's first reaction was not to ask the man in front of her to protect her, but to quickly shake off his hand. She bit her own lips and

d Manuel's arm.

"What? Isn't this the result you want? You hooked your arms around other men's shoulders, had dinner with them in the evening and sang songs in KTV, and what else? Hot dancing closely? Lift hemlines? You are so coquettish. You are just a bitch. Why do you pretend to be reserved in front of me? You want me to coax you to please you? How noble are you? Do you think you are a princess?"

"What are you talking about, Manuel? There are so many people here. You really let me down."

"Let you down? Have you ever given me hope? You said as long as I let my cousin buy jewelry from you for me to help your performance, then you would agree to be with me. But now, you are just a liar."

"Manuel, you... You..."

"Petty, what else do you want to say? Say those photos are fake? Let me show you. Those photos can't be edited at all."

After saying that, Manuel took out his phone resentfully, and then found the photos and showed them to Petty. Petty was shocked, and at the same time, a stern look flashed across her face. Then she took down the phone wanting to know who sent those photos, but just saw a strange name.

This photo had been repost crazily, so it was natural that she couldn't find Kate.

"Please listen to my explanation, Manuel!"

Petty's expression was like a clown after an epiphany, full of regret. However, Manuel just took back his mobile phone, and then glanced at Petty with a sharp gaze. "Okay, let me see how you explain it."

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