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   Chapter 142 Photos Event

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Although there was still a touch of gloom on Manuel's face, he could not have the heart to fall out with Petty now that she was so attractive.

"Petty, tell me the truth. Who were the men who looked for you outside the gate before?"

Petty was shocked, but she immediately calmed down and said, "When do you mean? I have never been with any other man before."

Seeing that Petty was still not admitting it, Manuel took out his phone and clicked on the Skype group. Then he opened a photo and handed it to Petty, "How can you deny it? This is you, isn't it?

Petty took a look and found that it was the scene that the customer who had paid the bill not long ago picked her up home. How could someone give these things to Manuel?

Petty's face changed immediately and said angrily, "Who sent you these photos? Manuel, are you suspecting that I have affair with another man? You and I are not the relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend now, and these photos were taken last week. You have chased after me less than a week, and you have already doubted my past, haven't you??

Hearing what Petty said, Manuel felt that he was too impulsive at this time. Those men in the group must be envious of him for finding such a beautiful girlfriend so they sent him the photo to make him angry. They even incited him to question Petty. They were really a group of bad friends.

Manuel began to regret, but he couldn't lose his face to coax Petty because there were too many people around him. He scratched his head and said, "It seems that I was cheated by the person who sent the photos. I'll connect with you after I confirm it. I'm sorry. I shouldn't blame you for not figuring it out. Then you can go to work well. I'll pick you up after work."

Petty was in a hurry to deal with the things in the shopping mall, so she didn't have anything more to do with Manuel. As soon as Manuel left, Petty immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

Originally, Vana thought that nothing else would happen today, but it was beyond her expectation. Not long after the matter between Manuel and Petty,

res was to guess what kind of scene would happen after Manuel knew it, but she didn't dare to guess in that direction, because it would be suspicious of gossip.

"Don't do that. I don't have much hatred to Petty except for the performance conflict. After all, the person behind her is my goal."

Sally nodded unwillingly. Vana was amused. When she was about to remind Kate of this, Kate took the initiative to have a private talk with her.

But the private chatting message she sent was a screenshot, which made Vana feel that something was wrong. When she clicked on the large picture, Vana found that Kate who had a fast hand, had already posted those photos of Petty in a group of more than 100 people

"Oh my God..."

Before Vana could make a sound, Sally was stunned.

She held up her phone and ran to the side of Vana to show her, then she said, "Kate is too impulsive. She even posted these pictures to the group of employees on the first and second floor."

Vana shook her mobile phone, meaning that she also got this information just now, "I was about to tell her, but it was too late."

"The point is that she has even circled the main parts of the photos. Like the photo exposing Petty's underpants, the underpants were especially conspicuous after she circled them out!"

Vana was really speechless, but she was more worried about the consequences of this matter.

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