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   Chapter 141 Manuel

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After the appearance of Sally, Petty advised Hayley to stop the matter and think about other ways. Perhaps Petty really wanted to defeat Vana, so they went to adjust their strategy.

After knowing that Vana had just won two big orders, Sally danced excitedly for her.

"Sally, don't just be happy for me. Tell me your performance. What's your current performance?"

When Vana had communicated with Sally before, she had known that Sally also yearned for jewelry design. Therefore, even if the two of them were competitors, Vana still hoped that Sally could compete with her with her own ability.

But Sally shook her head and said indifferently, "I don't care. The performance is only about nine million, and there will be some quota every two years. I won't take the chance of this year. The competition this year is too fierce."

Vana wanted to comfort Sally, but Sally patted her shoulder and said, "You don't have to say anything to comfort me. But when I came downstairs just now, everyone downstairs was talking about someone who had made a sales of twenty million yesterday. Shouldn't you share with me how it feels to get a big order of twenty million now?"

Hearing that, Vana pouted and said, "At the moment, the mood can be described in a word - depressed! You don't know that the company's term says that any order over ten million should be included in the year-end performance bonus, which means that the twenty million I made yesterday can't be included in this month's performance."

Sally said with confusion, "Is that true? But I seem to remember that this month's performance rules are not like this, but I have forgotten what exactly it is. Wait for me to look for the documents Mr. Steve had post in the group before."

Vana stopped her unhappily and said, "Forget it. This information was from Carrie. She won't lie to me. But fortunately, although I didn't get the about twenty million order yesterday, my performance just now was about three million more than that of Petty. So it doesn't matter. If I don't have that twenty million order, it is acceptable!"

? Well, if only there were misunderstandings."

As Manuel spoke, he pushed away Petty's arm. Then he looked away and ignored Petty to vent his anger.

Petty had called several male clients who were close to her to come to see the jewelry before dinner. If they saw Manuel making trouble here, how could they be willing to help her create her performance?

Petty was so anxious that she stamped her feet and came up with an idea. With a smile on her face, she walked up to Manuel and rubbed her head against Manuel's chest, acting like a spoiled child. "Manuel, listen to me, okay? You must have misunderstood me, so you are so cold to me now, right? You said you liked me the most, didn't you? Then listen to me. Go back to work now and I'll explain it to you when we have a date in the evening, okay?"

Petty was so coquettish that even Lucia was willing to give in. Men couldn't stand women's coquetry, so when Petty played her trump card, the previous anger of Manuel disappeared by fifty percent.

Seeing that although Manuel still looked angry from his face, he had unconsciously moved his hands towards her buttocks, Petty knew that her trick worked.

So Petty continued to rub Manuel on his body and even rubbed the thing in the lower part of his body on purpose. The she said gently, "You are so annoying. It's so bad for you to make me embarrassed in front of so many people!"

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