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   Chapter 140 Let Go Of A Dog And Bite People

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Vana thought, after all, Finn came to help her. It would be a little apologetic if she insisted on letting him away. When Vana was about to negotiate with Finn kindly to buy some expensive jewelry, Petty and Hayley, who were standing behind her, rushed over.

They had witnessed how badly Vana treated Finn and knew that he was the kind of man who liked serving beautiful women and making them happy, so he would definitely pay for the woman in his arms today. So they were sure to go to grab the order.

"Wow, this lady has good skin. It's the most suitable necklace for you to wear with such skin." Petty was good at flattering people, but it seemed that Paula didn't buy it.

Hayley next to them added, "Miss, what do you think of this one? This one is cheaper than our recommendation. I think this one suits you very well."

Paula rolled her eyes and almost turned around to leave. Vana thought that something bad was going to happen. Finn was the one who cared about Paula the most. If Paula had left, he would never stay here to waste time with her.

"Wait a minute. I have a few styles that can be recommended. They are all very suitable for going out. The average price is very good, which is only about four million. It is suitable for you!" Vana's words made Paula feel much better. Then, Paula really did Vana a favor and came to the counter where Vana was.

Vana took out two jewelry worth no more than ten million in total. And Paula looked at them carefully for a while. Then she pointed at another one on the counter and said, "I don't want this bracelet with moon and star. Change it to this one here."

Vana immediately changed the "Star" and picked out a more valuable product.

Vana thought to herself, 'oh my God! These two jewelry add up to more than ten million dollars!' Vana even wanted to go to die.

Vana prayed in her heart that Paula could not like any of them, and it also better even if she only bought one single product.

'It's all my fault. Why did I choose two jewelry before? It's like pushing myself into a fire pit.'

"Okay, I'll take t

goodbye to Vana and was about to leave, Vana couldn't say anything more with them because of work, so she saw the two of them off.

When Vana was happily calculating her own performance, Petty and Hayley surrounded her together.

Petty put her long hair behind her ears and crossed her arms over her chest, which made people feel domineering.

She opened her mouth and said, "Good for you, Vana. Since you know the two customers, how dare you pretend not to like them in front of us?"

"Did I? Don't you know that the more familiar people are, the more joking they make? So you didn't think of this relationship when I asked them to get out?"

"You..." Petty stamped her feet angrily. As for Hayley, she was not as beautiful as Petty. She glared at Vana as fiercely as a tiger.

"You bitch, Vana. If you hadn't paid the bill separately, you wouldn't have done much better than Petty. You are a calculating villain."

"You're so right. I'm a calculating woman. That's just a calculation of my own performance. I didn't steal your performance and posed no threat to you. What's wrong? Did Petty just say that she would let go of a dog and bite people?"

"Ah, ah, ah, you bitch! I'm going to slap your mouth! How dare you say that I'm an obedient dog of Petty?"

Vana dodged Hayley's attack. Fortunately, at this time, Sally appeared and timely helped Vana stop Hayley's action.

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