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   Chapter 139 I Have Something To Say

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On the last day of this week, Vana began to feel upset.

When she went out in the morning, she suddenly met a woman with disheveled hair and dirty face. After careful investigation, she found that it was Lucia. She didn't leave the HJ Empire the whole night unexpectedly.

Because Vana was in a hurry to go to the early shift, the car broke down on the halfway when she was sent by Lance. Vana had to take the subway by herself, but she was almost frightened by a weird man on the subway.

When Vana arrived at the counter on the fourth floor of the World Trade Mall, she finally understood what it meant unlucky. Yesterday, she had managed to make a sales of twenty million dollars, which was only included in the annual bonus due to the company's rules. When Vana was told that, she felt desperate, but Carrie still explained to her considerately.

"Vana, don't you remember that from the moment we entered the company, they sent us an employee manual, which clearly stated that if a single transaction is more than ten million dollars, the performance commission will be given in the form of year-end bonus and not recorded in the performance of that month, because it will cause vicious competition among the employees, which is not good for the company's development."

Vana nodded, thinking that how could she forget about it. She read the staff manual and memorized all the rules and regulations, but she did not remember it in time yesterday, which caused Rita to suffer so much loss. Vana did not get benefits, and it seemed that the twenty million dollars could not involve in the sales of this month.

"Oh, my god! Carrie, you don't know how much I have done to win this place. I really... I want to die. "

Vana felt a little aggrieved. Recently, a series of things made her feel like she was unlucky, and the most worried thing was that Lucia did not intend to let go of Simon at all.

In the morning, when Vana came to work, she met Lucia. With a pair of horrible eyes, Lucia stared at her and said, "Vana, I won't let you go, you are such a bitch. Simon is mine. You can't take h

e time. When Finn realized that he had lost his manner in front of his little girlfriend, he quickly straightened up and stopped being angry.

He pretended to be generous but didn't want to talk to Vana. Then he said to the air, "Pack two of them as you like. I have money."

Vana liked to communicate with these rich persons. Vana had investigated Finn before. His family had two wharfs, and there were a lot of industries at home and abroad. The two old men spoiled Finn and never cared about his money.

Although Vana was happy to hear that, she still ignored Finn's words.

Noticing that Vana didn't respond to him, Finn growled impatiently, "Are you deaf?"

Vana said impatiently, "Who said that I didn't buy it, I would rather tell Charles? I don't want to sell it now, so you'd better leave now. "

"Hey, you..." Finn was helpless. But if he didn't complete the mission assigned by Charles this time, the two of them wouldn't be able to be friends. Everyone knew that Finn went out with the support of Charles. "Well, Paula said she liked the pink glass bead. Bring it to me."

Pink glass bead? That's pink diamond, okay?

"That one is not available!" 'Can you be more generous and give about three hundred thousand dollars to your beloved girlfriend?'

"The pink diamond is in the counter. Tell me you don't have it." Finn was shocked. He had never seen such a shameless woman.

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