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   Chapter 138 It's Time To See The Guest Out

Lovely Made From Love By Hua Jian Characters: 6525

Updated: 2020-06-22 00:12

The vast majority of women would give priority to the strength behind a man, then his appearance, character, and education background. And Simon was outstanding in any of these columns. Therefore, there were many people who yearned for him, and there were also some people who ignored his shortcomings in order to obtain his strength.

But in the vast majority of people's eyes, Simon was perfect. At least they didn't know that there was something wrong with his body. That was why Lucia believed that Simon would not abandon her because she could keep it a secret. Only in this way could she continue to stay in the villa with no fear when Simon and Vana were having sex in the room.

She was waiting, waiting for Vana to be kicked out because she was not as good as her in bed.

As time passed, Lucia was so bored that she began to look at the watch. She noticed that it had been forty minutes since they went upstairs.

They must be eating midnight snack. That's absolutely right.

Lucia continued to look around, and soon a servant was called up. Lucia clenched her hands with expectation. When the servant came out with the soup bowl that had been brought in before, she ran excitedly and asked, "Lilly, are they going to come down? The night news is about to be broadcast again. Does Simon have to watch the news? "

Lilly blushed and said shyly, "They have fallen asleep, and they didn't drink the soup before. I'll take it down and redo it now. Master said he didn't ask us to disturb him."

Lucia couldn't believe what she just heard. Lilly immediately ran past her. When Lucia saw Lilly, Lilly seemed to remember something and blushed more.

Something was wrong.

"No, I have to go upstairs and see what they are doing." Lucia was about to go upstairs, but the butler, who had been standing at the side of the hall, stopped her. Lucia could order the servants without scruple, but the butler had a position in Simon's heart, so s

outed at the door, "Come out, Simon. This joke is not funny at all. I can forgive you for sleeping in the same bed with other women, but I can't allow you to treat her with something that you can't do to anyone before. Come out, I want you to come out and tell me clearly."

Every woman wanted to be the main character in the heart of her beloved man. Obviously, Lucia had always thought so, but it was impossible. Lucia was eliminated.

"Miss. Lucia, if you keep shouting, I will ask the bodyguards to take you out."

"Why did you do this to me? I'm Simon's fiancee and I'm your hostess. How could you be so rude? I'll ask Simon to fire you."

"I'm sorry, Miss. Lucia. It's time for you to wake up from your daydream. Call two bodyguards here. It's time for us to see the guest out. " As soon as the butler finished speaking, he used the calling device on his ear to connect with others. Then the door opened directly. Two bodyguards in black suits rushed upstairs and then lifted Lucia out. When Lucia was lifted up, she tried hard to attract the attention of Simon, but the only response was the louder sound of joy in the bedroom, Simon's growl and snort shocked Lucia. She had never been so desperate.

It turned out that Simon was really cured by that woman, but why it was that woman?

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