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   Chapter 137 Praise Me As An Angel

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Simon liked this kind of women?

Thinking of this, Vana was a little angry, and it was really uncomfortable to say that someone was similar to her.

Lucia had already stood up, and Simon looked a little upset. Simon rubbed his eyebrows and put one hand on his waist, "Don't come here again. I don't welcome you."

Lucia widened her eyes and roared in disbelief, "Why? You liked me so much before. How could you say such heartless words? "

With a helpless look at the direction of Vana, Simon spread out his hands and said, "You also know that in the past, it was to make my parents rest assured, but now there is no need. Vana has been approved by my parents."

"You said you were with me just to make your parents rest assured? Simon, tell me honestly. Don't you like me to serve you well? You can't leave me at all. Don't deny it! "

Vana took a deep breath. Soon, it seemed that Simon was worried that Vana would think too much. He quickly reached out his hand and made a gesture to pause, "Lucia, understand the reality. If I can't live without you, why would I marry Vana?"

Lucia turned to Vana and said confidently, "Does she know about your disability? Could she just fall in love with you without sex? If she can't do it, why can she replace me? "

"Of course!"

"Well, I've told you that she can't accept it at all... Wait, what are you talking about? "

Simon didn't expect that Vana would take the initiative to confront Lucia. He looked at Vana with a complicated expression, while Vana just looked at Lucia expressionlessly, which made Lucia flustered.

The woman just said that she could accept the disability of Simon and could also be together with him without sex? But... But...

"You're lying. You're a hypocritical woman. You must say that just to get the property of Simon, right? You don't love Simon at all. You're such a cunning bitch."

"Why can't I love Simon? I'm very happy with him. At least you can't understand."

"How could it b

e. Listen to me, you will be the only one for me. I won't leave you for anyone, including my parents. "

Vana cried louder and louder. She kicked on Simon's knees and said, "You are a hypocrite. It's not the first time that you have sex with other women. Lucia has said that you like her to serve you best. You are a liar. Why do you always lie to me about this?"

Vana felt that the Simon stopped for a second, and his hand patted on her back again. Then she heard Simon say, "It's all my fault, but I really didn't please any woman before. I only belong to you, and I won't change from now on."

Although Vana was still crying, she gradually felt relieved. Then she wiped the tears on her face, looked up into Simon's eyes and seriously said to Simon, "So, you promised me in the car just now that you must stand on my side, okay? Lucia is not a good person. I know she is not suitable for you, so if you dare to rekindle your relationship, I will never forgive you again."

Simon was amused by Vana's expression, but when he saw that Vana finally talked to him seriously, Simon had to hold up Vana's face with a smile, nodded, and kissed on her lips. Then the atmosphere between the two were broken by this kiss, and gradually, Vana was immersed in the entanglement with Simon, forgetting everything around her.

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