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   Chapter 136 You Are Not The Hostess

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Updated: 2020-06-21 00:12

When Vana was about to say something, the two people who ignored the public occasion and played the scene of passion attracted everyone's attention.

Lucia said in surprise and excitement, "oh my God, Charles, how can you accost another woman when you pretend to be my boyfriend? You are not qualified to be my 'boyfriend' at all."

With a cold glance at Vana, Simon walked towards them, arm in arm with Lucia. His tone was a little jealous, and people didn't know who he was talking to. "It seems that someone has accompanied you. I think I should leave now." Finally, Simon focused his eyes on Vana and said with a smile, "what do you think, honey?"

Vana was in a mood of beating up Simon. James, who was standing aside, was sweating because of the wrong information. If the good thing of his boss was ruined this time, he would definitely be exiled to the border area. He didn't know if he could escape now.

Just as they were competing with each other on their own minds, the charming woman in Simon's arms stamped her feet coquettishly, turned around and hammered Simon's chest. She said with a disgusting tone, "You are so annoying. I just wanted to attract you here, but you're leaving now. It's so bad." Then she looked at Charles with complaint and said, "It seems that I can't be with you now. I have to go back to be with my sweetheart!"

With a gentle smile, Charles passed the glass, plate, knife and fork on the table, and grabbed Vana's hand and said gently, "It doesn't matter. I have a girlfriend with me!"

"Wait..." Before Vana could finish her words, the people around her spoke together.

Simon: "Is she your girlfriend?"

Kate: "oh my God! Vana, you and Mr. Charles..."

Lucia: "what? Who is this woman?"

Vana shook off Charles's hand immediately and stood up excitedly, "Simon, listen to me!"

Simon: "You'd better explain it clearly to me."

Vana was angry and anxious. Although she saw that Simon was holding another woman's shoulder and putting on a very bad scene in front of her, she still didn't want to make Simon misunderstand her.

But obviously, someone was more anxious than Vana. She shook off Simon's arm almost with panic, and then asked Simon as the role of his girlfriend, "Simon, what's going on? Why does Charles' girlfriend wa

ing with fear. They were scolded by Lucia, and Vana looked around, but the butler was not there.

At this time, only the butler could refuse the "distinguished guest" of the Si Family. But since the butler was not here, the servants in the villa could not refuse any "guest" who came to the villa.

With sharp eyes, Vana glanced at Simon beside her and saw that Simon had already walked forward and gave orders to the servants, "Everyone, listen to me. From now on, when Miss Lucia comes, you don't have to entertain her."

Lucia turned around at once. Her fierce look had turned into joy at this time. She ignored Vana and jumped to the side of Simon, saying, "Monie, you mean I can go back to the villa now. In fact, they don't have to entertain me. Anyway, I'm the hostess here, right?"

"You are not the hostess!"

Vana saw that Lucia was stunned for a moment, but soon she held on to Simon's arm and said happily, "Yes, yes, I am what you define me. Anyway, only the baby that comes out of my belly is the child of your Si Family, and no one else can!"

Simon withdrew his hand and said with a headache, "Stand well. I have something to talk to you."

Lucia immediately stood up obediently and thoughtfully stared at Simon with a pair of twinkling eyes.

Vana felt that they were too similar. Lucia and she herself were the same type in terms of personality. Moreover, Vana always felt that the way Lucia spoke was very similar to her. Her tone and the way to answer questions were almost the same as hers.

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