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   Chapter 135 An Amorous Man

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As people always said that don't promise so early, when Vana told Simon that she would have dinner with Kate before going home, Simon's first reaction was that Vana was going to have an affair with Charles again.

So Simon, who had promised Vana that he would wait for her at home, opened Vana's position again and found her location.

It was a very high-end restaurant with a theme for lovers. Vana said that she was going to celebrate with the employee, which was really a bad excuse.

Simon's car was parked on the side of the road. There were many people coming and going outside the brown window. Vana had been in the restaurant for half an hour.

It was the most awkward moment for the two of them if he rushed in. But if he didn't rush in, would Vana get drunk and fall into Charles's arms without consciousness again?

After all, Vana was in such a state when he picked up her the night before yesterday.

"Boss, the radar has detected that Charles's car has been parked at a nearby intersection for ten seconds. I think maybe he got off the car and walked over to have a date with Mrs. Vana."

On the iPad in James's hand, there was a red dot, which was the signal they had detected for Charles's car. No one knew what kind of ability Simon had to find this.

But when Simon heard what James said, he couldn't sit still any longer. He quickly opened the door, got out of the car from the back seat, and then quickly walked into the restaurant.

After knowing that his boss was finally going to catch adultery, James, who was standing behind Simon, took out a gun from the box at hand and carried it on his body. Then he caught up with Simon.

In a very elegant restaurant, there were many booths blocked by crystal screens. When Simon and James came in, the usher at the door glanced at the two of them shyly, and then a waiter quickly came to receive them. Simon's face was full of anger. James waved at the waiter and said, "We're looking for someone."

The waiter stopped and let the two men in expensive suits enter the hall of the restaurant.

In the dim light, a very sexy woman sat opposite Charles. Several tables nearby had been attrac

a person stood at the top, he would not look down upon anyone who was weaker than him, because he was so powerful that he could ignore others. So when Charles saw that the disrespectful woman in public reached out her hand to him as if nothing had happened, he politely smiled back and shook hands with her.

It was not until Kate sat down that Vana saw the two entangled people separated from each other by the table that Charles came from just now. Simon looked at the table with a gloomy face, and the woman continued to rub and pinch on Simon's chest muscles with a smile like a spring breeze.

Well, today, Simon was here to put on his amorous play. It seemed that the days with him could be difficult to continue!

"Vana, I heard that Rita went to your shop today?"

"Yes, in order to win someone's favor, she bought twenty million jewelry from me."

"Someone's favor? I've heard that Rita once chased after Jez, but Jez doesn't like young women!"

Hearing what Charles said, Kate, who was standing next to Vana, shouted in surprise, "Oh, God! Is the Jez mentioned by Mr. Charles Jeremy? It turns out that you two have such a good relationship, and Mr. Charles even calls him Jez affectionately. You two are the real couple, aren't you? I knew it. It must be because of Jeremy that Mr. Charles hasn't had a girlfriend at the age of 40."

Seeing that Charles raised his eyebrows and looked at her, Vana felt something went bad.

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