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   Chapter 134 A Big Order Of About Twenty Million

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Twenty minutes later, Terence appeared at the World Trade Mall building with Nirvana in person.

Everyone at the counter nearby was shocked by the arrival of Terence. Before that, Steve, the supervisor of the four floor, also stood beside Vana responsibly, waiting for the arrival of Assistant Terence.

Steve bowed to him as soon as Terence came. Then Terence ignored the people around him, nodded and greeted to Felix and his wife, and then sat next to Vana.

"This is the Nirvana that my boss Mr. Simon asked me to send. You haven't waiting for a long time, have you?"

Vana looked at Terence and nodded approvingly, as if saying "well done, I'll add a chicken leg as a reward for you later."

When Vana went to visit the Felix and his family members again, Mr. Felix and his wife were already looking at the jewelry handed over by Vana. Only Rita kept looking at Terence excitedly.

Puzzled, Vana shook her hand in front of Rita and asked, "Rita, what's wrong with you? Don't you want to see this jewelry?"

Rita immediately grasped Vana's arm nervously. Vana felt that it was hard to understand what this little girl was doing.

"Sister Vana, is this the assistant of the people at the top of the Si Company?"

The top of the Si Company? Simon?

"Yes, Assistant Terence is Si... Boss's first assistant. How did you know that?"

When Vana said these words, Rita's eyes immediately are full of stars of envy. Vana finally understood that at a young age, Rita had fallen in love with someone. It turned out that she was attracted by Simon.

"Sister Vana, are you familiar with Simon? Why did his assistant come to deliver the goods to you? I saw his picture on the magazine. He is very handsome. I attended an activity with him before. I was shocked to see his real body. His real body is even more handsome than the one on the photo."

"Well, well..."

Before Vana could say anything, the woman sitting next to Rita looked at her apologetically and said, "Miss Vana, please don't mind. My daughter has always been like this. As long as it is about that person, she will be very infatuated. Although it will be rash to say such words to others casually, we don't reject her to seek her own happiness. If you mind, Rita will control it."

"No, no, no. I don't mind. I'm just a subordinate to the CEO. His private affairs have nothing to do with me."

What else could

feel the impact of the five words, which were: 'rich man can do everything'.

'Damn it! The evil capitalism, I love you so much.'

Vana immediately took the card with a smile. After paying the bill quickly, she saw the charming smile on Rita's face.

Vana thought, at this moment, Rita must be thinking that, 'If I become a senior member of the Simon's company who has invested twenty million dollars, it can be regarded as have a deep contact with Simon. If I let Simon know that this big order is brought by me, he will definitely has a deep impression on me!'! ! ! !

"That's great. Sister Vana, I'm very happy with your shopping this time. If you can see Simon, don't forget to mention me!"

"How can I see the CEO! But if I have the chance, I will definitely talk about what happened today." Vana took a look at Kate next to her and sincerely hoped that Rita would stop saying that the reason why she could make Terence here was because of her close relationship with Simon.

Fortunately, Rita seemed to have been cheated by Terence's words for the time being. At this time, she ran to Terence happily and Vana didn't know if she was asking Terence to help her. Standing next to Vana, Kate said in surprise, "Vana, you are so lucky this time. I didn't expect you to have such a big customer. I really want to salute and bow to you to show my admiration!"

Vana raised her lips to Kate and said in a very generous tone, "Let's have dinner together tonight. I'll treat you to a restaurant!"

Suddenly, Kate was very happy and the two of them covered their mouths and snickered.

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