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   Chapter 133 A Sudden Confession Of Love

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Who said she was afraid? If she became the chief designer of SS, she would become a person like Renee. However, she was not gifted and capable. She didn't even know what she was capable of. Could she easily agree?

"Monie, how about we set a short-term goal, such as letting me participate in this learning plan?"

"Of course. If you can't participate in the learning plan, I will also hire a private teacher to train you."

"Wait, do you mean this is the only way I can choose?"

After heard Vana's question, Simon thought for a while, and then he said in a relaxed tone, "if you want, you can do nothing, but you can't take the only path of acting. You know that circle is very chaotic, and I don't want you to be contaminated."

"In other words, you asked me to do that because you were afraid that I would step into the entertainment circle. But Monie, I didn't plan to act at all. If it weren't for the 100-day anniversary a month later, I wouldn't have agreed Charles to do that."

"What did you say?"

"I said I promised Charles to be a stand-in performer and I've signed contracts of two movies with him. But don't worry, I won't enter the entertainment circle. I hate this industry, but of course, I don't hate Charles."

"Just say that again!"

"Well, it's not like that. Charles is my idol. I said that just because I admire him, but I don't like him. The person I like is you, and I love you most."

When Simon heard the sudden confession of love from Vana, he became a little slow to react, but soon his heart was burning. The woman in front of him said that she agreed to the shooting request for a hundred days' anniversary. Unexpectedly, she had done so much silently.

The relationship between the two had always been disturbed by a lot of things. Vana didn't trust him and he also cared about her first love with Billy, but he had never been so relieved like this time. It turned out that he was so happy to really get her physically and mentally.

"Vana, I love you too!" With satisfaction, Simon held Vana in his arms, who was giggling in his arms.

Then Simon got closed to Vana and whispered in Vana's ear, "if you

me. When three of them were about to go to the rest area to choose jewelry, Rita said with some doubts, "eh, Vana, I remember that Charles said that you are the spokesperson of SS Jewelry and you are a management person in SS Jewelry. But why are you alone here? You work here?"

What on earth did Charles say to Rita? But Vana was drunk at that time and didn't hear it clearly. It was impossible to tell the truth now. Vana had an idea suddenly and immediately patted the back of Rita's hand and said, "Rita, don't worry. I'm transferred here by the headquarter for inspection. The employees here don't know my identity, but you can rest assured that I know so much about SS even more than anyone else. So you can trust me. Besides, don't you trust the person Charles introduced?"

Rita nodded and glanced at the counter in front of her. "My father said that he had seen a jewelry of SS brand on a foreign fashion show. It's a red necklace, so we come here to have a look."

"Nirvana? That jewelry is only available in the headquarter. If you need it, I'll ask someone to bring it to us!"

"Is that okay? Didn't you say that no one here knows your identity of monitor? Will you be exposed if you ask someone to send it here?"

With a calm smile, Vana replied, "Don't worry. My people will pay attention to what they are doing, and it happens a lot to transfer goods. So you don't have to worry about my identity being exposed."

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