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   Chapter 78 Your Skill Is Not As Good As Mine

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There was no protective measure in the lane down the mountain, and the rest of the road corner inclines steeply. It would be very dangerous if a newbie was on the way, but at the first sight of Charles, Vana knew that he was an experienced and skilled man.

Generally speaking, when riding a mobile motorcycle, the requirement to the strength of one's arm was very high. Moreover, if one's arm or will was relaxed in a racing motorcycle, it would undoubtedly cause a fatal impact to the human body.

The speed of Charles and Vana had reached two hundred miles, and everything around them was like virtual. If they were distracted, either of the two would rush down the mountain road and fall into the valley which was more than 100 meters high.

Vana's car had been used before, and its gasoline could barely run the remaining two kilometers. But if uphill road suddenly appeared on the hillside halfway, her car would probably run out of the gasoline too fast.

Charles's motorcycle steadily ran not far away from Vana in front of her. Vana did not intend to overtake now. As long as she followed Charles tightly, the first place would definitely belong to her.

After passing the white lines on the road and completing several extreme challenges, Vana suddenly saw an upward slope in front of her. However, this slope was very short, so she didn't take it seriously.

After she made several more turns along the roads with Charles, she suddenly saw a very steep and long slope, which extended all the way to the invisible green forest. She faintly felt that something was not well.

She sped up, hoping to finish the climbing before the gasoline was out of charge. So she sped up and soon surpassed Charles' car.

When Charles saw Vana overtaking, he didn't rush forward. Instead, he kept the original speed and followed her steadily.

Vana's car took the lead all the way and shook off Charles. After crossing the long slope, she could slow down and run to the finish line even if there was no gas. After all, the finish line was right in front of her.

One bend after another appea

ou think what I have done makes you angry, I'll take it as you win. Now I can give you eighty thousand."

Vana was a little surprised. Seeing the money, she immediately changed her previous attitude. She rubbed her palms shyly and said, "how can this be? I think we can make it a draw." Just when everyone thought that Vana was thinking so, she continued, "but your skill is really not as good as mine. If I hadn't deliberately maintained the distance between you and me and not to irritate you, you would have been chased into a mountain ditch by me. But it's not a big deal. After all, you are just good at acting, which is also admiring."

Charles and all the people around him were dumbfounded.

Vana was still talking with a strong sense of superiority, "I didn't want to take part in this kind of competition, but...... Unfortunately, my old grandma needs to be taken care of, and my sister also needs to have an operation for brain cancer. Otherwise, how can I deal with such a dangerous project casually? Well, that's it. I'm very grateful that you can make me draw without taking my bonus. You are a good person, and I will always support you."

When the people around heard the last words of Vana, they all looked at her car that she had spent about 700000 with suspicion. But Vana's expression was so real that they didn't know whether they should believe her or not for a moment.

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