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   Chapter 77 Extra Forty Thousand

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"Vivian Zhuo."

The beauty uttered the words coldly. Vana, who was beside her, was suddenly stunned in confusion.

"My name? What about yours?"

Only then did Vana realize that the beautiful woman's name was Vivian Zhuo. It was a good name, so she smiled friendly and said, "My name is Vana Gu. You can call me Vana. Can I call you Vivian?"

Vivian Zhuo didn't say a word. Vana leaned over and called her "Vivian, Vivian." Soon after Finn finished his call, Vana's eyes lit up as if she had seen a golden mountain when she stared at Finn.

"Mr. Finn, what do you think? Have you found anyone? "

Vana and Finn's words drew the attention of Vivian. She had no intention of leaving for the time being. Finn smiled complacently. It seemed that he had found someone.

"Don't worry. A big shot will come later."

Finn's words immediately attracted other people's attention. Everyone knew that Finn was from a rich family in the Magic City, and his friends were either rich or powerful. Presumably, this time the person who came here should also be an awesome person, so the crowd that was about to disperse gathered again, chatting and guessing to kill time, waiting for the mysterious figure that Finn said to show up.

Time passed quickly. When Vana teased Vivian from time to time, everyone knew that a woman chased after another woman as if she was no less than any man. What's more, Vana's honeyed words could be said to kill a woman. What Vana said not only stunned Vivian, but also made Finn, who was beside her, short of breath.

Vana picked up Vivian's hair, smelled it and asked, "Vivian, what shampoo do you usually use to wash your hair?"

"Just some ordinary shampoo."

"But why does it smell like your fragrance? I'm almost dizzy with it."


After a while, Vana fanned with her hand and said unconsciously, "Vivian, do you feel the weather is so hot?"

"There is wind on the mountain. It shouldn't be hot, right?"

"Really? But now the flame of love is burning in my chest. I think it is because you are by my side. "


Finn: When can this terrible woman stop doing this?

Half an hour had passed, Vana and Vivian were chatt

s motorbike.

Charles had seen Finn's car before, but when he walked over, he found that there seemed to be something wrong with his car. After asking, he knew that Finn almost had an accident at the end of the race. Charles scolded him and found another car that was not inferior to this car to get in.

The two of them rode to the starting line. Then Charles smiled at Vana and said, "if I win you, can you promise me a request?"

Vana was only interested in money. She called Finn, and Finn ran over to Charles and explained, "No way, Charles. I've promised this woman before that the bet for winner is forty thousand dollars. There is no other conditions."

Charles was a little embarrassed. He turned to Vana and said, "Then I'll add the stake. If I lose, I'll give you extra forty thousand. But if you lose, will you agree to one request?"

"I don't agree to be your woman. I've used this trick before. It doesn't count."

Charles Lu laughed even louder. He said helplessly, "Don't worry. I don't like you. It's just another requirement."

Vana was a little angry when she was refused with this excuse. She said impatiently, "Then let's put it this way. Let me make it clear first. If you lose, you must pay. Don't go back on your words, or I will ruin your reputation for eighty thousand dollars."

Charles Lu laughed and said, "I know you are short of money. Let's get started."

So with a whistle, the competition began immediately.

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