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   Chapter 76 Compete With Me Again

Lovely Made From Love By Chang Du Characters: 6664

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When Finn wanted to slow down, he was so scared. After barely turning a corner, he saw the red canvas at the end of the line in front of him, but before he could think about it, he shouted, "Get out of the way, all of you."

Slowing down required a process, but the finishing line was full of people. If it went on like this, it would probably cause an accident.

Finn regretted that he couldn't help doing such an impulsive thing, but he saw the crowd in front of him.

Fortunately, someone suddenly shouted "get out of the way", and the crowd dispersed in an instant. When the car in front of Finn arrived at the end of the line, it directed Finn's car to the right. Without any reason, he complied with it. Then his car hit the protective air bag beside him.

After a loud noise, Finn got up from the ground, and someone quickly surrounded him. A pair of legs came in his sight. Then the person asked with concern, "Are you okay? The car is fine. How about you? "

Finn was pulled up by the woman. When he saw that she was the woman he wanted to surpass, the gratitude he was about to say was suddenly unspeakable.

"Hey, are you out of your mind when you drive? How could you sprint when you almost reach the finishing line?"

Finn seemed to be fine, Vana reminded him, hoping that such a dangerous thing would not happen again in the next racing.

Then another car came over and hit the air bag. The car whose brake was out of control finally arrived safely. Behind it was the beauty in the red car. When she stopped, she looked over curiously and accidentally met Vana's eyes. Vana was immediately stunned by her temperament.

Someone was calling Vana, but she seemed to be silly.

"Hey, hey... What's your name? Are you deaf? "

Vana was pushed by someone, and she immediately patted her shoulder. She stared at Finn and said, "Don't touch me. You are the loser."

"Damn it! You..."

Vana was angry. She glanced at the crowd and said impatiently, "Where is the woman

for reminding me of what happened before."

It was too cold. No one dared to approach such a cold beauty, but Vana was different. She liked to challenge difficulty.

So she pretended to be dissatisfied and said, "Just thanks? I saved your life indirectly. "

The beauty was indeed a little angry, but she still asked stubbornly, "What do you want?"

"Be my girlfriend for a day," Vana said sarcastically, raising her eyebrows.


"Wow, I didn't expect that you are lesbian." At this time, the man with black and yellow hair suddenly shouted, which made Vana immediately worried that others would hear it.

"Hey, hey, keep your voice down, okay?" Vana immediately pretended to cover his mouth. Before she got close to him, he stopped himself.

Vana felt a little embarrassed and got close to the beauty, who was a little resistant and leaned back.

"Don't think too much. I just came back from abroad and didn't have any friends. The girlfriend I said is just normal friend relationship, but I didn't make it clear. Don't worry."

Vana was really good at lying in order to get close to the beauty. Vana said "sorry" to Carrie in the bottom of her heart, and then continued to fawn on the beauty with a thick face.

The beautiful woman frowned with a lovely expression. Vana liked her more and more.

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