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   Chapter 75 You Are So Beautiful

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The race began soon. At the moment of hearing a whistle, all the motorbike around Vana flew out. Only Vana was still slowly brushing her hair and stuffing it into her helmet.

"Hey, beauty, did you make a mistake? The competition has begun."

"Leave her alone. She must be a beauty coming to play. Get in the car quickly. Let's drive to the finishing line."

"Take your time, beauty. We are leaving now."

After the group of young men left helplessly and mockingly, Vana finally put all her hair into the helmet. Then she stepped on the gas and flew out in an instant.

Vana wasted more than 10 seconds for her hair, which was not her original intention, but her hair could not be damaged. The damage to her hair under the ultrafast wind was almost irreversible. Since Vana tried her best not to lose her work last time, her hair was like weeds.

If she didn't take good care of her hair, her hair would get worse and worse.

As for Vana, she was driving very fast. Soon she caught up with some cars with poor performance. When those riders saw that Vana surpassed them, they secretly sped up, trying to surpass her.

However, the performance was a hard weakness, and no matter how good the skill was, it could not make up for it. Vana's big Harley was really a top-grade car, and it was not in vain that she spent about one hundred thousand dollars to buy this car. Because of this car, she was scolded by Cora.

Vana's car finally caught up with a stunning red MTTY2K. Vana wanted to get it before, but when she saw that the price was even higher than the "Ghost Knight" she sat on, she didn't get it. Now seeing the real thing, she couldn't help but feel excited. So Vana followed the MTTY2K steadily and kept staring at it.

The owner of this car was a beautiful woman, and her driving skill was very good. Even at a few big corners, Vana had to slow down to avoid bumping into her car, but she had always maintained the speed, and steadily drove not far away from Vana.

Vana was interested in a good motorcycle and she was more interested in a woman who has the same interest

, Vana was relieved and immediately sped up to catch up with man in 'Wild Horse'.

The man was not stupid. His car was out of control, so he had to run until there was no fuel. Fortunately, he did not speed up and his driving skill was within the safe range. Vana guessed that Finn's car would arrive at the end of the line soon, so she asked the man to keep stable. Then she left him and rushed forward quickly.

Once Vana sped up, the scenery around her was like a shadow that was retreating quickly. Vana narrowed her eyes under the wind googles, and everything around her was blurred. Only the lane that changed directions from time to time was infinitely lengthening.

Finn, who had been maintaining the speed, was about to reach the finishing line, but he was awakened by a very fast sound. Before he could see clearly who the person was, he found that the motorcycle that brought the sound had disappeared in the front corner.

It was hard for Finn to accept such a result. Today he even shouted at that woman. Although he didn't bet to win the first place, it would be better to embarrass her after getting the first place.

But now his car was overtaken by a car for no reason. He was very unhappy, so Finn sped up and immediately caught up with it. It was not until he felt that everything around him had become blurred, he realized that this was the fastest time he had ridden.

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