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   Chapter 74 Let Me Deal With It

Lovely Made From Love By Hua Jian Characters: 6899

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"Wait a minute. You just said that I am disgraceful. Isn't it because..." 'I don't sleep with you?'

Vana: 'Oh my God! How could I say that?'

Simon was a little stunned, smiled helplessly and said, "I just saw a news about the superwoman. Guess who I saw?"

"Well, that? I'm just to shoot a promotional film for a friend."

"Is Harley shooting a promotional film in the H Country? Vana, are you sure you are not kidding?" The expression on Simon's face didn't change, but his body was closer to Vana.

Vana could have answered Simon's question with ease, but suddenly she was distracted by a very strong sense of touch. She quickly glanced at the body close to her, and then the air suddenly quieted down.

The expression on Simon's face changed from sharp to gentle, just in an instant, it became a complete tenderness.

"Simon, we haven't had dinner yet. How about we..." Before Vana finished her words, Simon leaned over and kissed her lips.

"Vana, it's dangerous to drive fast in the Magic City. No matter how anxious you are, you have to consider that you have a husband first. I'm very worried, you know?"

As Simon spoke, he put his hand into the hem of Vana's dress. With a pinch, Vana was almost crushed.

But Vana immediately grabbed his hands and left the kisses Simon was keeping and said, "stop, I don't want to..."

Vana didn't finish her words, and she couldn't say the rest of the words. Then Simon understood what she meant. He took a step back, turned his head away and loosened his tie.

Vana quickly glanced at the lower part of Simon's body. His trousers, which were not very obedient before, were wrinkled because of a bulge.

Vana covered her mouth with the back of her hand and coughed slightly. In order to resolve the embarrassment, Simon took two dishes and walked out of the kitchen first. After a long time, when Vana did not see Simon come in again, she slowly calmed down, and then put the crucian soup in the bowl and took it out.

After Vana finished the meal and sat face to face with Simon at the table, S

eauty behind him.

Vana grinned and got off the motorbike. She looked at the moving screen and immediately laughed.

Forty thousand prize money? The champion? Okay, the money was hers.

So Vana whistled at the man and said, "if I win the first place, you send your woman to me to play with me for a day, okay?"

"Wow, wow, Mr. Finn, you fucking like lesbians! That's so exciting!"

"What do you know? It's fun. Do you understand?"

Most of the voices around them were very open, but Vana turned a deaf ear to them. After receiving the provocation from Vana, Finn Zhang became high spirited in battle. He raised his middle finger to Vana and then went to register his name. Then he and Vana walked back to their motorbikes. After putting on her helmet, Vana rode the motorbike to the starting point of the competition with the organizers.

There were also other attendants, but only the two of them, Vana and Finn Zhang, were more outstanding.

Not to mention anything else, with Vana's heroic character and outstanding momentum, Vana, sitting on the motorbike, was like a female assassin in an American science fiction movie. The amazing effect was no less than that of those women who only wore a belt.

The reason why Finn Zhang was so eye-catching was that those women who only wore one belt surrounded him. The people around him were envious and jealous.

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