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   Chapter 73 Don't You Want To Do This

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"Vana, are you sure you want to cook fish for lunch? Do you know how to clean it up?" After subconsciously saying this, Simon immediately realized that he had said something wrong. He was stunned for a moment and smiled apologetically. "I mean, if you don't, I will still be there."

Vana was picking vegetables. When she heard that the man who didn't touch the chore at all with his ten fingers asked to deal with the fish, Vana immediately said happily, "Okay, then please help me deal with the fish."

Seeing that Vana was very happy, Simon was also very happy. But when Simon turned his head and saw the crucian swimming in the sink, he didn't know where to start.

Simon reached out to catch the sticky crucian, but the fish easily slipped off from his hands. With a headache, Simon wiped the water on his hands, rolled up his sleeves, and carefully stretched his hands into the water. He gathered his strength and suddenly caught the crucian in the water. The crucian twisted its body in the water, and suddenly stabbed the fish fin into the palm of Simon, but he still didn't let it go. It was not until a faint blood spread from the palm of Simon that he realized he was injured.

At this time, Vana raised her head and looked at Simon. She had planned to mock Simon, but when she saw the blood on his hand, she immediately threw away the vegetable leaves and ran over.

"Damn it, Mr. Simon. I can't afford to compensate for your injury. Come on, let it go! Let it go! "

Simon was obedient and let the fish go of his hand. Seeing that Vana lowered her head and held up his right hand in front of him, he suddenly felt that there was nothing wrong with cooking together.

However, before that, Simon would rather starve himself for two meals than go to the kitchen to heat up the food.

This was probably the change after marriage, and Simon couldn't help smiling.

Vana looked at the wound worriedly. Fortunately, it was a small wound. But when she raised her head and was about to ask Simon if he could wash his hand with water, she saw that Simon was staring at her and smiling. She said gloomily, "what's wrong with you? What are you smirking about? Don't you feel hurt? Why are you laughing?"

Simon shook his head and said honestly, "it doesn't hurt much. I'm happy to see you worry about me."

Vana was speechless. She didn't care whether Simon would agree or not. She grabbed his hand and washed it under the sink for a while to wash away his injured mucus. Then, Vana found a band aid fr

hen Bill came, she not only misunderstood Simon, but also rudely asked her husband not to step into her house. However, Simon still respected her and gave her the greatest freedom.

However, there was no way for Simon to vent his emotions, because it was a difficult problem in history. In a relationship, if the woman was angry and the man did not coax her, others would say that this man was not a thing, and if the man was angry and the woman did not coax him, others would say that this man deserved it.

Therefore, Vana kept thinking whether it was because of the sudden loss after going through something that he had never experienced in his life that he got depression. If so, that explained his changeable moods.

"Did you discuss my problem with Terence?" The expression on Simon's face immediately became serious, as if something big had happened.

"No, no, no. I mean, do you have any trouble recently? Or do you often get others involved because of me?"

Simon's eyes narrowed a little. He looked at Vana thoughtfully, but a gloomy smile appeared on his gentle and elegant face, which made Vana feel bad.

But before Vana could escape, Simon used his own body to lock her up above the sink. She lost her balance and pinched the edge of the sink with her hands.

"You...... What are you doing?" Vana was too nervous to speak clearly.

With an attractive smile, Simon quickly kissed on Vana's lips and said, "I want you to comfort me. Don't you want to do this?"

"No... I don't."

'Oh, my God! Vana, do you want to do this? Why do you feel the following thing will be improper to children if you two keep doing this? No, this is at your new home...'

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