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   Chapter 72 To Catch Up With Her By Human-powered Search

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Soon, Vana's request was completed by Terence. It was noon. Vana walked out of the commercial building with two managers. Terence said that if she wanted to do like more real, she should be suspended at home for investigation, so she didn't have to go back to work. Vana wondered if she had time recently to make enough money for the rent of next month.

Meanwhile, Terence and Steve had something else to do. They decided to have lunch together before coming back to observe the situation development.

When Vana went back home alone by subway, both of Sally and Carrie sent her comfort messages. In order not to give herself away, she didn't even tell the two people who cared about her the truth.

On the way home on the subway, someone was watching a video on an iPad. The sound of the video was clearly heard. With a burst of motorcycle noise, the person holding the iPad was pleasantly surprised.

"Damn it! Who is the woman? So cool!" The friend who watched the video together exclaimed, and the other nodded in agreement.

"It's amazing that there is such a cool woman in our H Country. And the person who took the video is facing her face. She is not inferior to those carpet stars and Maggie at all. Her face is so beautiful."

"I like this face too. Why didn't anyone invite her to be a star? I want to find her by human-powered search. I want to know who she is and follow her wherever she goes."

As soon as the two people's words finished, Vana was a little curious and wanted to see who made them fascinated in the video. Then she saw the woman in the video shouting at the camera, "get out of my way. If you don't want to die, get out of my way." Vana immediately became speechless and hurriedly lowered her head to prevent others from seeing her face.

At this time, her action attracted the attention of the two people. They all turned their heads to look at her. Then she saw that Vana's clothes were exactly the same as the woman on the motorcycle in the video.

Vana thought in her heart that if she would be discovered. She didn't expect that the director would post this video. How crazy he was.

Just when Vana didn't know how to distract the two people's attention, the sound of the subway arriving at the station came. She lowered her head and didn't look

. Vana thought it was really difficult to open it, so she exerted a lot of strength. However, before she could struggle, the lid was opened with a "bang".

Vana was a little surprised. Then she handed the fruit wine to Bill and said, "well, drink it."

Everyone was silent and stared at Vana strangely.

Since then, Vana had become a "Popeye". However, this matter was confirmed by everyone that it was not a coincidence, but the strength of Vana's arm was astonishing, even stronger than Lewis.

This was also one of Vana's specialties. Almost as good as her unforgettable ability, it became the most wonderful column in her resume as a killer.

The summer cycle in the Magic City was very long. It had reached the end of October, but the temperature didn't drop. Instead, the temperature was constantly rising, making people think that the end of the world would come soon.

After repeating the words "dead hot" countless times, Vana saw the Bugatti Veyron coming from afar quickly coming this way. The car raised the green leaves on the ground and stopped beside her. She tilted her head to look at the back seat, but the door of the driver's seat was opened. Simon hurried to take the bag from Vana's hands. When she realized that it was him, she covered her mouth and laughed. Then she saw that Simon put down her things in a hurry and opened the door of the passenger seat for her to get in.

After the car left, those people who were still pitying Vana immediately felt that their previous pity was worthless.

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