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   Chapter 71 Ultimate Goal

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While Terence was still confused, Vana was also wondering why Simon was so moody recently. It should be his own business. It should be. Vana prayed in her heart.

About more than 10 minutes later, Terence and Vana quickly entered the monitoring room and checked a short period of surveillance video. Steve bought two cups of coffee and joined the discussion. In the surveillance video, they didn't see anything unusual, and just as what Vana had said before, she and Julie did put the product back to the safe, excluding the possibility that they had to open the same safe every day to get it. There were countless chances to exchange it, but the process required a strong psychological quality. Vana was not sure that anyone in the counter could do this.

It had been more than two hours since the surveillance video had been found. Terence picked up several suspicious time periods from a professional reconnaissance angle, and then adjusted to the corresponding position to check again.

There were many suspicious people among them, and almost all the employees on the counter were suspicious. Then, Vana, Terence and Steve carefully stared at the surveillance video and began to check it. At a certain time, when Petty received two difficult customers, Daisy suddenly walked to the safe. She looked at the products in the safe and reached out her hand to check the products in it. It took a long time for her to check them. Under normal circumstances, no suspicious thing could be seen. After checking, the monitor did not accurately record whether she had taken it or not.

Terence squinted his eyes and stopped at the place where Daisy stood up. He pointed at the clothes Daisy wore that day and said, "The design of this dress is a little strange. Why does an adult's belly have such a big pocket? And the monitor is on her back. It's very likely that she took it away when she was counting them and then throw it into her big pocket. This place is very suspicious. I'll see the video from another angle. "

As soon as Terence finished his words, both Vana and Steve were suspicious of the video. Soon, they changed the angle of monitor. They saw that Daisy squatted

out the reason, so…… Now you have to withdraw the previous report and enter the supervised stage of me. Then do it. "

Vana's words scared Terence so much that he didn't know how to react. He immediately waved his hands and said, "No, Mrs. Vana. If boss knows it, not to mention my annual bonus, even my salary may be deducted."

'Are you kidding me? How could I supervise Vana? Boss will kill me.'

"It doesn't matter. I will make it clear to him. Recently, his mood may also have an impact on you. I will persuade him not to be too willful."

"Mrs... Are you serious, Mrs. Vana? I want to thank you on behalf of James and Marcus. Mrs. Vana, you are so kind. Our fate is in your hands. In this case, I'll listen to your arrangement. "

Vana nodded, patted on Terence's shoulder and said, "Then you can start the personnel process for me. Do you want to go to my house first? Eh, no, I have been living in my dormitory before. Why don't you go to my dormitory and search it as well? Then you can issue an announcement to the public, trying to tell them the punishment that the company has imposed on me, and then write down that I refuse to admit anything. That's it. Go ahead."

Terence nodded heavily and agreed. Then he took Steve downstairs to carry out the order of Vana, who was sitting in the monitoring room leisurely. Not long after, there were drinks and snacks sent by Steve, and Vana was happy to wait here for the final result.

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