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   Chapter 69 It's Not You on the Marriage Certificate

Lovely Made From Love By Hua Jian Characters: 7151

Updated: 2020-05-19 00:22

It was said that when people were unlucky, drinking cold water would make them clench their teeth. Recently, the quarrel between Vana and Simon had not been eased; she still helped Bill count the money after knowing that she had been deceived by him for many years; she was taunted by Emily and Billy yesterday; and today she was told that she was the thief of "Sprout 01".

'Is this world crazy? Why do they have to go against me? Do they think I am not miserable enough?'

Vana was very angry, but it was useless.

She sent a message to Simon on the subway to the shopping mall, asking about the jewelry that she forgot to ask last night.

Soon, Simon replied a message, which read: I will send Terence to contact you, but don't contact him, okay? ...

Vana didn't understand? ...

'Because I don't want you to think too much. '

Vana was so angry that she almost threw her phone on the subway.

She really ignored the stingy side of Simon. Didn't he know that it was impossible? Otherwise, why should she make an example.

Vana was so angry that she didn't reply to Simon's message. But soon, Simon got impatient and called. Not long after the phone was connected, a very attractive voice came from the phone.

"Vana, are you going to the shopping mall? Have you had breakfast? "

"Not yet. We don't have any ingredients at home, so I haven't made it. If I meet, I can buy some. But... I can really cook. You can't doubt it anymore. "

Simon laughed on the phone, and then continued to say gently, "I just passed the World Trade Mall when I went to the company from home. I'll bring you something to eat. Wait for me downstairs!"

"No. What if they find out us?" Simon knew his influence on those women. If they knew that Simon sent breakfast to her, the women in the mall would definitely skin her.

"Well, when are you going to make our relationship public?"

"What?" Being asked by Simon, Vana's face suddenly turned red, as if she was questioned by an underground lover who needed to fight for his identity. Vana was a little happy and worried about what was going on.

"Will you never make it public? Only

You can leave now."

In this way, Terence was ruthlessly driven out of the car by Simon. With the breakfast of love for Vana in his hands, he stood on the side of the road in a cold summer morning, shivering.

In an instant, a group of noisy bees surrounded him. Terence immediately reacted and looked over. He saw that the women who had planned to go to work before suddenly rushed towards him, and they were all anthomaniac.

The expression on Terence's face changed quietly. After all, the morning here was wonderful. There were so many beautiful girls who were attracted to him. 'Oh, my god, I am so happy.'

"Oh my god! Mr. Terence, you are so handsome!"

"Mr. Terence, you just got out of King Si's car, right? Was King Si sitting in the car driving away? Oh my god, my love, just passed me like this."

"Although King Si left, we still have Terence. Why are you free to come to our shopping mall today? Eh, you have breakfast in your hands. Are you here to bring food to someone? "

"Oh my god! Are you in love?"

"Is it possible that... Which woman did King Si ask him to bring breakfast to? Ah, ah, ah, ah, my love, it's so easy to fall in love with someone else. "

"No, no, no. King Si, my prince, my husband."

Terence touched his forehead and asked, "Who is your husband? If it's not me on the marriage certificate, then it's not you either. Humph.'

Terence turned around and went upstairs.

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