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   Chapter 66 The CEO Who Was A Family Man

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"Bill? Vana, I really don't know who you are talking about." Simon looked at Vana apologetically, as if he was afraid that she would not believe him.

Vana was very angry. Obviously, this man began to pretend to be innocent again.

So she turned around and left without hesitation.

When arrived at the residential area of Sunshine Valley, Simon saw that Vana had already entered the residential building hall she rented. He stopped and watched her disappear at the corner. After a long time, Simon sighed and turned around to leave, but Vana suddenly appeared behind him and stopped him, "I only give you one chance. I still want to know your purpose. If you don't explain it well, we'll stop our relationship of being a couple, understand?"

Simon nodded but didn't move.

Vana frowned and said impatiently, "don't you want to go upstairs to talk?"

"You agree to let me go to your house?" Simon was a little happy, but when he saw the complaining expression on Vana's face, he immediately explained, "yesterday you said that I was not allowed to enter your house from then on. I thought you wouldn't let me go up again."

Vana was stunned. How could Simon be so obedient? What a contradictory man.

"Come on. This is the only chance. Don't come up in the future."

While Vana was talking, Simon quickly followed her. The two of them took the elevator to floor 7. This house had been built for many years, and the tile walls on both sides of the corridor had been very dirty by the small advertisement. Vana lived in the iron door at the rightmost. When she opened the door, a messy apartment showed in front of them.

Vana was not good at taking care of herself since she was a child, so she naturally lived alone in the way she liked most. At this moment, her apartment was filled with living garbage. Her coat and pillow were randomly thrown away on the sofa, a plate of fruit and pieces of fruit peel and paper filled the tea table, two used instant noodles barrels on the table, and the bedroom was filled with messy clothes on the bed.

As soon as Vana entered the room, she changed her shoes and threw her handbag away. With quick eyes and hands, Simon quickly caught the handbag that had not yet fallen to the ground from the chair. After tidying it up, Simon put it on the shoe cabinet. Then he quickly changed a pair of slippers, took the clothes on the sofa and placed the pillow on the sofa before Vana took her seat.

Vana sat down and went to find Simon subconsciously, but Simon had already fetched the trash can naturally, a

itrea? Everyone coveted his position. As long as he died, the arms forces in Africa would have a world shaking, and a war will be on the verge of breaking out. Do you think that we killers don't have a mission? We are just trying to maintain this kind of thing from happening again."

When Simon heard this, he had known the whole thing, and Vana's eyes began to glow with water. Simon pulled Vana back to the chair and sat her down again.

Simon comforted her, "I know what you mean. It turns out that Bill you mentioned is called Kelvin in the file. Is that so?"

"Kelvin? How is that possible?"

She had seen the name of Kelvin before, but wasn't he the leader of the famous gangs in the H Country? How could it be...

"Listen to me, Vana. Everything is not as simple as you think. As soon as you tell me his position in Eritrea, I immediately know who you are talking about. Maybe no one knows his name Bill, but no one in H Country will feel strange about Kelvin."

"What do you mean? How could he have two identities? You and I are not talking about the same person. Kelvin is from H Country. Do you think I will listen to your bullshit?"

"Vana, Kelvin isn't a citizen of H Country. The nationality in his file is MB Country, and he is very cruel, very cruel to people from H Country."

"Well, even if the person you are talking about is Kelvin, it has nothing to do with my boss. Bill doesn't hate the people of H Country. He just doesn't like the people of H Country."

Because Bill's father had killed his mother, how could he still like the people of H Country? But why did she feel that the man Kelvin mentioned by Simon was also a little familiar? She was really confused now.

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