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   Chapter 65 Do You Know Bill

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"Mr. He, please leave with your girlfriend as soon as possible. Please don't disturb the business of our counter." Vana directly asked him to leave. In front of her, Billy was a little shocked and could not come back to his senses for a long time.

"Billy, why are you standing still? She is driving us away. She even started to drive you away. She must want you to care about her more. "

'Bah, Emily, don't be so shameless. Who wants your man to care more about me? You are so arrogant.'

"Vana, what did you just call me?"

It turned out that this was what he had always cared about. All the time, Vana had never called him anything else except Billy.

Vana was also a little stunned, but Steve beside her had already noticed that the relationship among the three was a little unusual. He quickly interrupted the man to continue to entangle with his hostess, and stood in front of Vana and said to them, "Please leave, or I will call the security."

"You..." Emily still wanted to stay, but Cherry pulled her away with some depression. At the same time, Billy was not in the mood to stay, so he left quickly with the two people.

Finally, they were sent away. Vana and the others suddenly burst into laughter in a tacit way.

After that, Carrie continued to tease Emily. She imitated Emily and said, "Billy, look at them. They are playing tricks on us. They are so annoying. Billy, please help me persuade Vana. She dares to drive you away."

"Don't make me sick. Emily is much more sentimental than you."

"Ha, ha, ha, that's right? If Vana hadn't taken "Sprout 01" from the headquarters, we would have been entangled with them today. But I'm curious, manager. Is there really a mistake in our stock? And manager, you said that some internal activity was taken it away. Why haven't we heard of that activity? " Hearing that, Carrie and Steve looked at Vana in confusion.

Vana was a little confused and asked, "What? Does the activity have anything to do with me? I don't know. Why are you looking at me? I can't take that product. "

"In fact, the activity is just an excuse to make them gi

won't make more contributions to it. I've quit that organization, or I wouldn't have worked in your company when I was so poor. I'm a senior killer, you know what? One order can afford a year's expenses. But I quit and don't want to do that kind of thing. So why are you still pestering me? "

"So you think I installed a GPS for you to track you? Vana, you misunderstood me. "

Vana sneered, "Don't tell me that the business 'Defender' downstairs yesterday were ordinary business cars. I won't believe that the glass of them is not bulletproof."

The 'Defender' was a kind of commercial armored car. The black body of the car looked no different from the ordinary car, but Vana was proficient in it and could notice at a glance.

Simon opened his thin lips and explained, "You are really suitable for that job. I have deliberately changed those cars, but you can see it at a glance. But the people in the car were sent by me to look for you. Your mobile phone had been turned off, and the positioning system could not be established. At that time, I thought you were really going to leave, so I went to find you crazily. Vana, why don't you trust me? Your identity has nothing to do with me, and my interests have no conflict with yours. You should know that. "

"I don't know. Simon, you know Bill, right? He was defeated by you. If you say that you don't know him, you are treating me as a fool."

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