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   Chapter 62 Take The Blame And Resign

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"You... Is this how your SS Jewelry works? Now you give us hope and let us down. The former employee with the work number of 89007 laughed at us that we couldn't afford the 'Sprout 01'. We can buy it now but do you dare to take out the goods? " Cherry made trouble through the attitude of Vana who was not humble to them before, because she didn't want SS counter to let a bitch like Vana go.

"Miss Cherry, do you mean Vana? But she has always been very popular in our counter. There has never been such a phenomenon as you said. Is it possible that you misunderstood her?" Taking a look at Vana, Carrie found that Vana didn't pay much attention to this matter, so she was a little confused.

"You mean we lied to frame this bitch?" Cherry retorted, not paying attention to her public image at all. The onlookers surrounded her and began to discuss.

When Steve saw that these two people were talking about her boss' wife, he couldn't just sit by and do nothing. Today, he just received an order from his superior, asking him to observe if Vana had come back to work. It seemed that the boss had a little conflict with Vana. If he didn't show his attitude of defending the boss' wife at this time, he was afraid that the responsibility would be raised to a higher serious level.

So Steve quickly said, "I'm very sorry. In fact, it's my fault that I made such a mistake. For "Sprout 01", our company indeed has an inventory, but this one is used for the selection show of employees in our internal activities. So I withdrew that product without permission, and I forgot to write it off. That's why this result is like this. We will definitely give you two compensation. Please don't make trouble again."

Emily raised her eyebrows and said, "How could you use such precious jewelry when you employees need to use jewelry during the activity? Who is so valued by your company that can wear such jewelry? Did the manager make such an impossible lie to cover up your employees on purpose?"

Cherry hurriedly echoed, "that's right. If you lose it, just say it. But yo

to drive here. Is half an hour enough for you to drive back and forth? Aren't you afraid of breaking your legs?"

"Just make the decision. If I can't take it back, I will take the blame and resign. What do you think?" Isn't that what you want? I won't let you succeed.

Emily's eyes lit up. She didn't expect that Vana would put forward such a condition personally. But the " Sprout 01' jewelry couldn't be in that area, or the manager would have already taken it out.

In this case, why not.

But Steve suddenly felt that her head was almost unable to hold on. If he dared to fire Vana, he would not have to appear here alive tomorrow.

"Wait, Vana, the headquarter will make a decision on this matter. It's too..."

Vana suddenly glanced at him. Steve was shocked to realize that he was refuting the Mrs. Vana's opinion. Moreover, he had just promised to let Vana make the decision to deal with this matter by herself and he would not interfere, but now...

"Ahem, ahem, you... It's up to you. Leave me alone." Steve was so tired that he felt he couldn't see the sun tomorrow.

With Steve's silence, Emily nodded happily and even said generously, "then we have to reluctantly agree to your request. But if you don't take it back, don't blame us for being cruel to you, staff No. 89007."

Vana clenched her fists and rushed downstairs, running towards her home.

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