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   Chapter 61 There Was A Mistake In The Inventory

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In fact, what Emily wanted was a design of an item "Cicadas" in "Camelia" series. This single item had a good meaning, and the design was very elegant and dignified. It was very suitable for giving it to the elderly. Besides, the relationship between she and Barry was not so close that it was not necessary for her to offer an average price of about 1 million 500 thousand dollars as a gift. Therefore, Emily did so just to make a scene. After she saw Vana's deserved punishment, she would buy "Cicadas" from another employee. After all, it was impossible to find the "Sprout 01", and it would make the best of both worlds.

Emily looked Vana with a meaningful expression, and Vana didn't dodge deliberately. She didn't know where the "Sprout" was left behind, so she looked back at Emily openly.

Soon, Carrie was called over. It was not that Vana did not feel happy for Carrie when she saw her in the shop manager's clothes. It was just that she remembered that Simon had promised her to be the shop manager in front of Steve before. But now, as soon as she fell out with Simon, this position was taken down by Carrie on the second day. She could not help but think randomly.

It seemed that Simon still cared about her moving out, but it should be her who was angry, why did this mean man care so much?

She was wrong about him. How could she easily believe a handsome man?

When Vana was angry about Simon, Carrie walked up to them and took a look at Vana and Sally. Then she bowed to Emily and Cherry and asked, "Miss Emily and Miss Cherry, what can I do for you? Our employees are professional. Did they do anything that upset you two?"

Hearing that words with polite tone, Emily and Cherry immediately felt superior to others. Then, Cherry arrogantly pointed at Vana and said, "what kind of employees is she? She don't respect the guests, not to mention that she doesn't even know who we are. She even contradicted us so casually that we can complain her at will. What's her service attitude?"

Vana gave Cherry a disdainful look. It was normal for her to do so, but when Cherry said so, her action was full of malice.

"Look, this employee is so arrogant. Do you think we can't afford your jewelry? I'm

d that Emily and Cherry deliberately made difficulties for Vana. Even a blind person could see that they wanted to get Vana involved in this matter. But Vana helped her teach the bad man a lesson. She couldn't bear it.

"What are you talking about? Emily likes your goods, but you hide them secretly and don't sell them to us. You are deceiving customers and looking down upon customers, understand?" Cherry scolded Sally harshly. It seemed that she wouldn't let it go.

Carrie was a little annoyed. She had said it to the extreme in order not to let it happen in front of the customers. And from the surveillance video, it was not that simple.

At that moment, Carrie couldn't find an excuse to refuse the two customers who wanted to continue to tangle with her, but Steve was weighing the pros and cons in his heart. He coughed softly to prove his existence, and then bypassed the several people in front of him, came to Emily and Cherry and said, "Good morning, two ladies. I'm in charge of this matter, I'm Steve, and also their manager. I can take my position as guarantee that the two of you misunderstood us because there was a mistake in the inventory of 'Sprout 01'. It was definitely not that our employees didn't allow you to buy it on purpose."

Vana and Sally breathed a sigh of relief, but Emily and Cherry didn't look well. They blushed and didn't know what to say. It seemed that they still didn't want to let go of Vana who had a grudge against them before.

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