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   Chapter 60 Deliberate Provocation

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"Oh my God, Emily is so gentle. How could there be such a gentle person in the world?"

"Yes, I always feel that Emily is a person who walked out of the painting. And have you heard that her fiance, Billy, is the youngest son of the current prestigious leading company of models and tools. Now many debutantes are sticking up to him, but he has a deep love for Emily. Last time, he even cancelled the invitation of Zelda Ma's father's dinner party to attend the charity party specially for Emily."

"Wow, what a considerate man! I just don't know how he looks. But I think Emily is so beautiful that she deserves a good man."

"A modest gentleman, as gentle as jade, it is used to describe Billy. He is so handsome that you will never forget him."

"Wow, I like such young man. I envy their love story."

Vana's veins throbbed under her scalp. Those gossipers were not loud at first, but the more they talked, the more excited they became. Now Emily and Cherry should have heard it. Emily should be happy, and everyone was envious of her for having Billy.

Vana didn't move for a moment. Cherry, who was beside Emily, covered her mouth and snickered Emily. Then she came to her senses and suddenly shouted at Vana, "Hey, what are you thinking about? Emily is asking you."

Vana pretended not to hear what she said and was about to go to the counter on the other side to work. Seeing that, Sally immediately rushed up to her and showed a standard smile. "Miss Emily, Miss Cherry, what price of jewelry do you want?"

The question was too direct, and Cherry was a little unhappy. She was already unhappy with Vana, so she pointed at Vana and said, "you come here to serve us, do you hear me?"

Seeing that she couldn't avoid it, Vana had to reply with a fake smile, "our SS Jewelry will launch about three sets of products in a quarter. The latest products of this season are respectively the 'Sprout', the 'Camelia', the 'Min'. As for the price range, for the 'Sprout', except for the main design, the average price of the other items is about 1 million 500 thousand. And for the 'Camelia', except for the main design, the average price of each single product is about 800 thousand. For 'Min', except for the main design, the average price of other single products is about 750 thousand. What series do you want? I can recommend them to you in detail now."

Seeing that Vana didn't respectfully call them, as if she delibe

nventory of MY01 series, Vana was confused. Their warehouse was an electronic intelligence system. If the data was not displayed during the extracting, it meant that there didn't have in the warehouse. Vana looked for the safe again with doubts, but there didn't have in it either.

Vana immediately sensed that something was wrong. She quickly returned to the side of Sally and winked at her. Then she said to Emily and Cherry, "I'm sorry, ladies. There is indeed another product of the "Sprout" series, but there is an error in the counter. We can't find that one for the time being. In order not to affect your shopping, why don't you choose these first?"

After saying that, Vana said to Sally, "that one is missing. I'll report it to Carrie now and let the higher authorities check the surveillance video."

Sally nodded with worries. While Carrie was about to go downstairs to call Carrie, Emily suddenly said, "Wait a minute. Just call your manager over. You have lost the product we are going to choose. How can you just let us wait for such a big thing?"

Vana squinted her eyes. Emily did it on purpose. She didn't have to buy that one. It was so shameful for her to pick up a provocation at this time.

"Are you sure you want to buy that one? Or choose one from these items?" Vana still kept her last patience and hoped that Emily would not always make trouble for her.

But obviously, Emily was too shameless, as if she was here to laugh at her. Emily showed a sweet smile and said, "I don't think so. That's what we want. Please help me call the shop manager. We need to question her face to face."

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