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   Chapter 57 Her Identity Was Found

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It was drizzling outside the window. The atmosphere between Vana and Bill was tense, and there seemed to be congealed in the air. The atmosphere was very depressing, making Vana think she was about to die.

"Tell me again. Is he superior to me?"

[顾薇]'s face darkened. Although she was afraid that the man in front of her would really strangle her, she couldn't help laughing at him at the moment. She pulled up a smile and said, "it's really unexpected that you care about my opinion."

The man suddenly stopped his ferocious expression and loosened his grip on Vana's chin. Then he held his arms back and said, "I think you misunderstood me. I don't care about you at all."

"Really? You like the feeling of playing people. That's why we can't be together. "

"Are you telling me how to behave? You don't deserve to be my woman at all. As I said, even if I dote on you, I'm only interested in your young appearance. "

Vana opened the door and said before it was closed, "You'd better do this."

As soon as Vana heard the voice behind her, she was so angry that veins stood out.

She should have known this man's character long ago, but after the bet that he would like her, Vana had tried many schemes, but this man did not take her seriously at all. However, in the past two months after she left, the man changed his dislike for her as usual, and began to call her, send her flowers and write cards. Now she was in front of him, he pretended to be pure and lofty again.

Vana used to be stubborn. The more difficult things were, the more fun she had. Especially when the man was driven crazy by her, Vana was the happiest.

But now that she was married, in a real sense, she should have someone to spend the rest of her life with. She felt that she couldn't play tricks on any dangerous person as before. So, Vana, you must stop at the right time, okay?

After warning herself, Vana took a quilt and a pillow to lie down on the sofa in the living room alone. It should be ten o'clock now. In the past few hours when she left, maybe Simon had given up looking for her everywhere, or perhaps he did not look for her at all, so Vana quietly turned on her phone.

The phone was very quiet, as if no one knew she was missi

im, Bill smiled more happily. "Does anyone say that you should change your character? I don't like such a reckless woman. "

Vana walked over to him, picked up his clothes and lifted his arm. "I'm sorry. I don't want you to like me now."

Pushing the man onto the bed, Vana grabbed his clothes and shook it. The man did not move. Vana was speechless and oppressed him, "Do you want me to kiss you?"

The man's face twitched. Thinking of the experience of kissing before, he immediately said coldly, "Damn it. You can always make me sick."

"Who let you force me?"

"Force a kiss or force yourself to be sick? Vana, I have never said that I like you, so you'd better stop your tricks as soon as possible and don't try to irritate me with that person. I don't care it at all. "

"Who want to show the sad side for you? If you hadn't reminded me, I would have thought that he confessed his love sincerely. But now, I'm too sad to smile, my boss. "

'Vana, you have to be strong. Simon has known your identity and your experience. He can't really fall in love with you. What he said is nonsense. You are just a bait for him to trap you step by step.

Fortunately, this relationship had just begun. It shouldn't be too difficult to let it go, but the first time might be deeply rooted. But for Vana, it didn't matter. It shouldn't matter.

But Vana, why can't you hide your expression? You must be smiling badly now, or the man in front of you won't stare at you and say nothing.'

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