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   Chapter 55 Leave Him Here

Lovely Made From Love By Hua Jian Characters: 6799

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It began to rain at night, and the heat gradually dissipated. Vana bought a lot of food materials from the supermarket downstairs, deciding to celebrate that she finally had her own safe nest in the Magic City.

But when she thought of this, she felt a little sad. Vana had never lived alone in her life. She had always been living under someone's roof.

Not to mention when she was a child, in her childhood memory, she always had a feeling that she was forced to stay with her mother, so she hated the feeling of staying at home. She even wanted to run away from home.

Later, she was sold abroad. In a short period of time, she lived in a ship where she couldn't fall asleep at night. Then she was picked up by that man, lived on the L Island, and lived with others.

However, Vana had an illusion before that she would go to the same school with Billy in college, and then she would rent a small house with her own money, and then invite Billy to live with her. They could accompany each other, say good night to each other, and cook love breakfast for him in the morning every day.

In fact, at that time, Vana did not understand the real meaning of living together, but she just wanted to be with the person she liked.

Vana shook her head, forgetting all these beautiful dreams that could never be realized, and then began to put food materials in the hot pot soup.

The hot pot alone was so satisfying, but it was also too desolate.

Vana wanted to play some music to cheer her up, but her phone had been turned off, so she took the computer and put it aside. Then she logged in the computer interface, and a particularly pleasant cello music slowly rang. At this time, there was a knock on the door of her room.

Vana thought it was her first day to move in, so no one would come to her house.

But she still kept alert and slowly moved to the peep-hole behind the door.

There was another knock on the door. From the narrow peep-hole, Vana saw the enlarged face in the dark corridor outside.

In an instant

r to the ground.


"Very good. Lewis made it."

Vana frowned for a second and carefully moved the muzzle of the gun away. Then she grinned and picked up the chopsticks. She picked up a beef bone from the man's bowl and reached out her hand. "It's not bad. I cooked it myself. Would you like to have a taste?"

Vana just wanted to eat something, or it would be a waste of beef bones.

But as soon as she finished her words, the man was forced to stretch out his head, and then difficult to tear some meat from Vana's chopsticks. He muttered, "Feeding this is not romantic at all, you idiot."

Vana: Who want to feed you? Fuck, you should eat it with your hands. I just let you eat by yourself.

What the fuck.

"Ha ha, actually, it's better to eat it with your hands." Vana said and took back the beef bones. This man did not accept it. In order to avoid wasting, she had to eat by herself.

So Vana grabbed the beef bone with her hands and took a bite. The man's face showed a very evil smile. Looking at the smile, Vana quickly stopped looking at him and continued to eat the beef bone.

After she finished eating, she licked her fingers with her lips. During this time, she stole a glance at the man in front of her, but he was staring at her all the time. The tip of Vana's tongue paused for a second, and quickly took back.

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