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   Chapter 54 Run Away From Home

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In the end, Vana didn't get out of bed, while Simon went downstairs to tell everyone the facts with a face that was almost scratched by Vana. Although Vana was not present, she felt very embarrassed.

Exhausted both physically and mentally, Vana fell asleep soon. She didn't wake up until the noon of the second day.

Vana thought the second day would be a peaceful day, but when she was woken up by Dorsey who was cleaning the bedroom, she suddenly felt that the surroundings were a little different. Vana raised her head and wiped the saliva at the corners of her mouth. At the first sight, she saw a smiling face with great affection.

Seeing that Vana finally woke up, Judy walked to her bed and sat down. Then she picked up a cup of soup with herbal medicine and handed it to her. "Good girl, are you very tired? I specially made some tonic for you. Take some food. If you still feel tired, you can continue to lie down. "

Vana's face must be very red. She reached out her hands to take the bowl and said in a voice almost inaudible. "Thank you, Mom." Then she sat still, waiting for Judy's next interrogation.

Seeing that Vana didn't move, Judy thought she was still weak. She reached out her hand with concern and said, "How about I feed you?"

"No, no. I can do it myself." After saying that, Vana opened the porcelain lid, poured some soup in it with a porcelain spoon, and slowly sent it to her mouth.

Judy was relieved to see that Vana's hands were not shaking anymore. She also knew that Vana was still a little embarrassed to see her, so she didn't intend to stay any longer. She patted Vana's knees under the quilt and said, "Good girl, I know it's difficult for you to say anything now, so I won't say it anymore. But if you have a good rest, remember to eat something. You can't bear it if you continue to sleep like this. The food I cooked is in the kitchen downstairs. If it's cold, ask Nancy to heat it for you. I won't disturb your couple. "

Vana breathed a sigh of relief and immediately nodded to agree.

Then Judy said a lot of sweet words to Vana and left. As soon as she left, Vana immediately stopped drinking the bitter soup. Because she didn't feel hungry now, so she decided to ha

t he know that the forces in Morocco had been looking for a chance for Lewis to leave? Why don't you stop him? "

This man was really crazy. If the Lewis came for a long time, his side would be very dangerous.

"Vana, look at you. You said that you didn't want him, but you still care about him in your heart. I won't tell you anymore. My classmates asked me to play basketball. You can contact Lewis yourself."

Before Vana could say anything, Talbot hung up the phone.

Soon, Vana sensed that something was wrong and dialed the man's number. But the man's phone was not in service all the time. That damned island could not contact the outside at this time.

Vana had no choice but to sign the contract with the landlord at that time. Then she went to the supermarket and bought a lot of daily necessities. It took Vana two hours to decorate the rental house.

There were warm tablecloth, pink curtains, a pile of toys and pillows on the sofa, and all kinds of pink articles in the bedroom.

Recently, Vana felt that she was getting old. Especially when she was about 22 years old and had already got two marriage certificates, she especially preferred things for young girls, as if to prove that she was actually still living at the age of flowers.

Then Vana looked at her watch and sent a message to Simon. Then she turned off her phone and avoided being kidnapped by Simon on the first day she rented the house. Therefore, Vana thought it was necessary to do so.

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