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   Chapter 49 Bigamy

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What happened in the morning quickly spread to Simon, but he just asked Steve to send someone to watch Vana in private. When Steve knew that Vana had become the wife of Mr. Simon, he once asked Simon to send a higher level manager to accept the mission. He also said that he was not qualified to work for Vana.

But Simon said that Vana thought highly of him, so Steve had to continue to stay at this position uneasily.

As soon as Lee left, the onlookers who had been surrounding them also dispersed. Vana received a call and answered it in the public area under the gaze of everyone.

But behind her, there were countless topics pointing to Vana.

"Did you see just now? The girl who brought soup to Vana is wearing maid's clothes!"

"Yes, yes. Is she in a relationship with which CEO? And the CEO dotes on her very much. "

All the people present felt uncomfortable and began to think in their hearts. They thought that it was not difficult for a woman like Vana to hook up with the CEO of a big group, but they did not expect that the CEO would love her so much, which was the reason why they were angry.

"Humph, a woman with a boyfriend like her will be still skittish. I believe that she will continue to hook up with other men."

"Don't talk nonsense. Otherwise, Vana will break your arm if she hears it."


"Hee hee, look at her. She was scared. The reason why Vana can hook up with a man because she has a pretty face. If you don't have that destiny, don't think about so many impossible things. Can't you just focus on your work? "

"What's wrong with you, newcomer? Don't think that we dare not to bully you because you are an employee of SS."

"Humph, that's how you besiege Vana, isn't it? What a group of muddled bitches!"

As soon as Kate turned around and left, the people behind her were irritated by her. They gritted their teeth and wished to tear Kate apart.

Not far away, Vana, who was answering the phone, got an astonishing news.

The man on the other end of the phone was the man who threw his phone away because of a few words of Vana last time. This time, he was even angrier, because he had beg

riage certificate with him. But today he told me that the marriage agreement was not fake and I might have committed bigamy."

"What? You've already got the marriage certificate with another man?" Edwin's voice was full of shock, and soon an old and familiar voice asked, "Your granddaughter has got the marriage certificate with someone else. You brat, you actually joined up together to cheat my grandson."

Then the two people in the other side of the phone began to argue. Vana's mind was a little messy and she didn't dare to think too much, so she hung up the phone and walked towards the counter casually.

If this matter was known by Simon, the two of them would definitely divorce.

No one in the world would be so unfortunate like her. Yesterday, they registered their marriage and were going to divorce on the second day. It was so miserable.

Before Vana reached the counter, she received a call from Simon. Vana looked around and found that no one was paying attention to her, so she quickly retreated to another place to answer the phone.

"Vana, I have an hour to have lunch. I've asked the driver to pick you up. Let's have lunch together, okay?"

Simon didn't know about it yet, and now he invited her to have lunch.

Vana couldn't bear to refuse, and finally nodded her head. Vana thought that what should come if it's doomed to come. Even if Simon knew this matter later, she had to explain it clearly.

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