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   Chapter 48 Beat Up The Scum

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Vana had been involved, so she couldn't turn a blind eye to it and do nothing.

But at this time, tears streamed down from Sally's eyes. Outside the counter, Lee was so disgusted that he didn't even want to look at her. Vana couldn't use special methods to deal with Lee in front of so many people at this time, so she could only force and lure him.

"Lee, I think our problem needs to be solved in private. If you are a man, wait for me in the passageway. I will give you a satisfactory answer to the question you asked that day."

"Hahaha, we can talk about it in private. Don't talk about the appointment about sex in public, baby." Obviously, Lee didn't believe what Vana said. Maybe this crazy woman asked him out and beat him up again. He wouldn't easily do something that was not worth it.

Vana was so angry that she almost lost her breath, and the people around her began to talk louder and louder.

"I didn't expect that Vana is such a slut. Sally's boyfriend must have broken up with her because of Vana."

"Why doesn't she go to hell? Isn't she afraid of getting sick by hooking up with men?"

"She has slept with tens of thousands of people. Don't you see that she is going to talk about the appointment about sex with Lee in front of everyone? She is so coquettish."

"What a disgusting woman! She knows that Lee is a male model of the Harry Show, so she just wants to seduce him. It's so weird."

The sound around them flew in the air without any scruple. Vana looked at the order of the shopping mall, and many customers were also staring at the counter with an attitude of watching a good show. She thought that it was over, and it seemed to discredit SS Jewelry. She, the wife of the CEO, did not take the lead but discredit the company of Simon. Was it too inappropriate?

"Lee, you said that I was with you last night. Then tell me the specific time and hotel. I don't want to talk nonsense with you now, because you can insult me, but you can't insult our SS Jewelry. This lady bought jewelry because she trusts SS. If you go on like this, I can let you feel regretful now. Vana's aggressive manner surprised everyone. Outside the counter, Alice seemed to be moved by Vana's words, and then the corners of her mouth moved.

"To be frank, I don't believe any single lie from this man. But I'm in a hurry now. If you are not in a hurry to quarrel, can you wrap up my products first?"

Vana was stunned, so was Lee and Sally. Fortunately, the new employee quickly agreed with the requirements of the female customer and began to look for products for her. Then Vana also reacted and s

ious stare, and then shook off Lee's hands. As soon as Vana got close to Lee, she immediately grabbed his collar with great strength.

"What are you doing, crazy woman? What are you doing?"

"Didn't you just call me baby? Why did you call back the crazy woman so soon? Besides, didn't you say that I was a wild cat? Then I'll show you my wild personality."

As soon as Vana finished her words, here came the bone-rattling sound, and Lee held his arm in pain and said in a sobbing tone, "you broke my arm! Devil, you are a devil."

"Devil? I also want to break your tendons!"

In fact, Vana was just bluffing him. After all, this was a public place, and she couldn't be so stupid as to beat someone disabled. In this way, she would go to jail.

What's more, the sound of Lee's joints just now was just a dislocated that Vana could take them back in minutes.

"Ah! Ah! Madman! Let go of me! Do you know you are breaking the law?"

Vana didn't want to listen to Lee's howl, "bang, bang," she hit his abdomen twice. Lee began to cry in pain, but he had no strength to roar.

Then Vana loosened her hands, and Lee fell to the ground because of the pain. However, Vana was still angry. She bent over and gave Lee a few punches on his face, and then crushed his thigh with her high heels. Lee was so painful that he kept twitching. When Vana was about to make a move, Alice, who had already swiped the card, suddenly stopped beside them. Vana quickly stopped and tidied up her clothes. And Alice raised her eyebrows and left.

Vana was satisfied with her beating and said to Sally, "if you don't feel better, you can beat him. I'll stop him by your side."

Looking at Vana, Sally shook her head and watched Lee get up and run away.

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