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   Chapter 47 Bastard Appeared

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In the morning, Vana didn't see Simon because she went downstairs and found that there was an emergency meeting to be held and Simon had to leave in advance. Vana and Ethan sat at the table for breakfast. Vana had been trying to ask Ethan when Simon would go to his room, but finally she couldn't ask.

Perhaps it was because of the order from Simon that Ethan had to go to school today that he looked a little worried. In this way, the two of them finished breakfast without saying anything to each other.

After breakfast, Lance sent Vana to work, and Ethan was also sent to the ZH High School by another car.

Before going to work, Vana sent a message to her grandfather, saying that she wanted to see him. But her grandfather didn't reply, so Vana left her doubts and went to the shopping mall.

As usual, there wouldn't be too many customers in the first four days of a week in shopping mall, so today the whole shopping mall was lifeless, full of gossips and rumors.

Beside the counter of SS Jewelry, Petty was already there. She was applying fancy cosmetics on her face, determined to make herself up as a beautiful woman.

Putting aside the relationship with Emily, Vana actually had no prejudice for Petty. Although Petty had always been against her, she had to compete for the sales in the shopping mall. It was normal for the two of them to be at odds.

Not long after Vana came, the most popular person, Sally, in the shopping mall on the 4th floor also came. Employees in SS went to work in shifts. Normally, 4 people would go to work in the morning, but because they were not busy in the morning, it was easy to ask for leave. But after Daisy left, Steve was not as easy-going as her. He forced all the shifts to follow the company's arrangement. Therefore, there were many SS Jewelry employees on the whole floor.

After a while, another new employee also arrived, and then the day's work was on the right track. All the women at the counter seemed to have changed into another person, showing a mysterious smile in unison. They stood in the counter orderly to welcome every guest.

After the main door of the shopping mall was opened, guests would come to every counter to pick up goods one after another. There were not many people on the

f Lee, with the name of Vana on it. She was stunned. When did he take it away?

Vana thought about it carefully and guessed that it must have been taken away when this guy pestered her that day.

"What does it mean to find my work card? Do you dare to show your left hand to everyone? "

As soon as Vana finished her words, someone behind her pushed her shoulder away. As Vana turned around, someone slapped her in the face.

But fortunately, Vana reacted quickly and grabbed the wrist of Sally.

"Sally, do you believe what this bastard said? He slandered you just now. Can you still believe what he said? "

Biting her lips, Sally said angrily, "I don't believe what he said, nor do I believe your explanation."

Then Sally withdrew her hand with all her strength, wiped away the tears on her face quickly with her palm, walked to the opposite of Lee and said angrily, "I didn't expect you to treat me like this just because I didn't agree to that request. That bitch, Vana, can satisfy you, right? Then you two bitches can continue to do that kind of dirty thing, don't disgust others. You come to return the work card to Vana, don't disturb other people's normal work. "

It seemed that everyone thought Lee was here to return the work card to Vana. Damn it.

"What a fool! I didn't come to see you. I just asked the customer to avoid dealing with a bad guy like you."

"Lee, do you still think you haven't hurt me deeply enough?" Unable to bear Lee's slander any more, Sally cried again.

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