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   Chapter 44 Can We Sleep Together

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Updated: 2020-05-11 00:14

"Uncle, can I give up directly?"

But Simon didn't care about Ethan at all. He started a new game.

It seemed that it was impossible for Ethan not to play. He took a fluke and began to fight with his uncle. As time went by, when Vana saw the wonderful competition between the two of them, the expression on Ethan's face became more and more ecstatic.

There was still the previous game, but now it was completely different after Simon played it. Originally, when Ethan played with Vana, he still had some chance to play. But once Ethan played with his uncle, he would be like a frog jumping around and did not kill any little monster or soldier.

It took only three minutes for Simon to finish the last fight. After watching it, Vana was almost clapping her hands.

"Uncle, you didn't let me kill anyone." Looking at Simon with a sobbing tone, Ethan acted like a spoiled child.

"Really? Then try your best. "

"Again? No, No. I give up. I shouldn't have let my aunt die on purpose. I'm wrong. I won't do it again. "

"No, let's begin."

As soon as Simon finished his words, a new round of "Star Wars" began.

In this round, Simon didn't suppress Ethan's performance, nor did he care about Ethan. But every time when Ethan was about to die, Simon would quickly appear beside him and help Ethan to kill the surrounding planes.

At this time, Ethan would take a look at his uncle to express his dissatisfaction.

At this time, Vana appeared. She pretended to be generous to comfort Ethan, and at the same time, she gave a hard blow to his weak heart.

"Oh my god! Look at you, you're such a fool! I didn't notice you in the game just now. You're really a loser!"

"Ethan, didn't you see the bullet? Are you still rushing forward? Oh, I forgot that you took the bullet for your uncle on purpose, didn't you? "

"Ha, ha, ha, I'm sorry, Ethan. Please forgive me for my unkindness. A little monster just killed you in a second. It's okay. Let's watch your uncle play the game together. See, your uncle has passed the test again."

As soon as Ethan lose, Simon began to pass the test alone. After passing the test one by one, Vana was really surprised at Simon's talent to pla

don't know how to react."

Simon was immediately moved by what Vana said. He rubbed Vana's face with his palm and said, "Then I'll wait for you to get used to it."

"Then I'll take a shower first!" After saying that, Vana tried to escape from Simon's arms and go to the bathroom, but Simon pulled her back and carefully held Vana's hand. Then he kissed on the back of her hand. After that, Simon asked, "Can we sleep together?"

His voice was full of pleading. Vana's little head was constantly racking her brains, but in the end, she was like an unresponsive machine that crashed again.

"Don't worry. I won't do anything to you before we officially become a couple. It's just that I've asked someone to decorate the other rooms on the third floor in a hurry. You can only sleep on the same bed with me."

"Oh, I see. I can sleep on the second floor."

"No, Vana. There are my parents and grandpa's rooms downstairs."

"What about the sofa over there?"

"I have to put my clothes and documents away."

"Then... Then you and I.... Well, let's sleep in the same bed. "

What else could Vana do? Wasn't he forcing her? But Vana believed the promise made by Simon. Since he said that he would not hurt her before confirming the relationship between them, he should not be able to touch her.

What's more, Simon's bed was a round bed. It was so big that he couldn't touch her when they slept together.

Well, he might not be able to touch her.

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