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   Chapter 42 A Couple

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It was not dark after dinner, and the time after dinner in the Si Family was not easy. The three people who had no common topics sat together and watched the boring night news, and the whole time they got along with each other was as same as the battlefield.

Vana was sitting on one side of Simon, while Ethan was sitting on the other side of him. Vana was impatient and moved her buttocks. She was almost hypnotized, and her eyes were as dull as the puppy's.

Another boring broadcast ended. Vana checked the time on her phone. The night news had only begun for three minutes.

She turned her head to look at Simon. The man's sharp and handsome side face was very eye-catching, as if to see him was more interesting than to watch the news.

So she looked at Simon up and down carefully. His hair was trimmed very sharp at the back of his head. The hair on the upper part of his head seemed to be much longer, but it was fixed by hair spray, so she didn't know how thick it was.

Moreover, Simon's upper ear bone was much higher than his eyes. The fortune teller said that such a person was suitable to be an artist or host in public, because this kind of person was mostly outstanding in appearance and had a very good popularity among audience.

It was well-known that Simon was outstanding in appearance. In the current entertainment industry of the Magic City, not only was the gossip of stars valuable, but also a business genius like Simon had a very mysterious magic. Now these people would attract more attention and become a popular figure in the society.

It was a pity that the signal in the mall was too bad when Vana searched for Simon before. Otherwise, she wouldn't have found out that this man was so popular after she searched for who he was again. In just two years, this man not only became the leader of the Magic City, but also entered the J City, becoming an outstanding person in the business field of the whole H Country.

She admired Simon very much. Of course, this idea was still growing. It was possible that it would change from admiration to love.

"Am I pretty?" The man Vana stared at said. She was slightly stunned. She had been in a daze for so long, so she quickly shook her head and looked away. She said with a flattering smile, "you should be the most handsome man I've ever seen."

It was definitely from the bo

f them ignored the puppet and continued to walk into the room. While looking around, Vana asked, "why don't your parents often come back to the big house?"

"There is no reason. They just feel bored after giving birth to a son, so they fly to other places every day. Now the house is even more empty. Don't mention that maybe there is really a ghost living in my house at this time."

"Then why don't you hire several servants and housekeepers to look after your house? Just like your uncle, who is just like an emperor."

"Master, if my uncle is the emperor, you must remember that you are the empress of him."

"Hey, hey, your metaphor is too inappropriate. I should be his concubine, okay?" Vana didn't dare to say that she was the empress, because she was not sure whether they would divorce in the future.

Why did she feel a little sad? Alas, it must be because it was too empty here.

"My servants and my uncle's are shared. But those women like uncle, so they all live in uncle's house."

"Poor boy, no one cares about you, so you go to your uncle's house and live with him?"

After Vana said that, Ethan didn't say anything. It seemed that she was right. She quickly put her arm around his shoulder and comforted him, "Okay, okay, I will care about you in the future. After all, you are a good boy, and... You have a good taste because you like Lola. Hahaha, you really have a good taste."

Hearing what Vana said, Ethan's face turned red. Then he dodged the chance Vana teased him and ran to the side to rummage through the boxes and find something.

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