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   Chapter 38 Marriage Agreement

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Time was silent for a second. Vana was about to take some forcible means to rescue Ethan and then take him to escape, but Simon suddenly stopped. He took back his hands and held his arms. His movements were very graceful, which made Vana confused.

"Well, I won't punish him, but as a guarantee, you have to promise me one condition."

Why didn't Simon punish him? 'Should I agree to his condition?' What would it be?

"What condition?"

"If you ask me to stop punishing him, someone must bring up Ethan instead of me."

"Wait? Where are his parents? " Vana really wanted to ask if it was Simon who had been brought up Ethan all the time?

Vana was puzzled and looked at Ethan again, but Ethan sighed helplessly, "Master, you don't know that my parents don't care about me. It would be great if they could usually show up. The key point is that they run around from time to time, occasionally show their existence in major events. After that, they do what they should do as if they have never had a child. They don't care about my feelings at all, so I was brought up by uncle. "

"How could this be?" Oh my god! Does it mean that Simon has already become a parent before he got married?

Vana was confused and looked at Simon again. With a relaxed expression on his face, Simon raised his eyebrows at her. His meaning was self-evident: now you should keep your promise.

"But how can an outsider take care of such an important thing as educating a child? Mr. Si, I'm afraid it's not appropriate."

"Not an outsider!"

"What?" Not an outsider? What do you mean? Did he mean that, "You work for me, so you are not an outsider?"

But the employees were not trustworthy.

"Has your grandfather really never told you about it?" Simon was confused and embarrassed, he looked away.

This was the second time that Simon mentioned Vana's grandfather today. Vana had thought that Simon knew her identity and her grandpa's social status, but now Vana had to be curious.

'Did grandpa ask Simon to take care of her?' It had nothing to do with this matter.

Vana was sure that she knew nothing, so she shook her head solemnly.

After thinking about it for a while, Simon said to

your fingerprints and signatures!"

"What... What? No, when did I sign it? "

It was getting more and more chaotic. She hadn't signed it, and she saw the date on it was today. Vana hadn't written all day. How could it be her who signed it?

Besides, Simon got off the plane at ten o'clock in the morning in J City. After the plane landed, he went to the company, had dinner, and then...

"Have you signed on it?" It could only be signed when Simon went to the company just now, otherwise Simon had no time to do it.

"Yes! Besides... Your grandfather copied your fingerprints with the use of the nano memory silica, and the signature was also imitated by a robot. Your grandfather said that you wouldn't notice that there was something wrong with it. "

"Yes, I almost thought it was my signature, but... Why didn't he tell me about it? " Vana suddenly realized something and murmured, "By the way, last time in the H Village, grandpa said that he would use his own way to print the name of me and my fiance on a marriage certificate. Damn it! He really did it. I thought everything was a threat to me."

Vana was very angry, but fortunately, the marriage agreement needed to be reviewed before issuing the marriage certificate. The marriage agreement should be cancelled which was signed by Simon just now.

Although Vana still didn't know why Simon signed that agreement, or his agreement was also a fake? She didn't know, let alone how to ask.

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