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   Chapter 37 Domestic Discipline

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After saying that, Ethan excitedly played a few games with Vana, and Vana asked what she was interested.

Under the pressure and temptation of Vana, Ethan had told everything he knew.

"Little apprentice, why don't you go to school and skip classes?"

"It's all your fault, master. Last time when I was in the hospital, I didn't asked you to tell Lola that I was sick, but you really told her. Then she came to our class to look for me. My classmates said that I was sick, and she said that I was a loser in front of everyone. She also said that I played tricks on her and beat her up. Later, all the people in our class laughed at me and I didn't want to go to school."

"But you can't solve the problem even if you go on like this."

"Yes, I can. I plan to transfer to another school."

"Transfer? Lola will be sad if you leave. " She would have no one to bully.


"Yes, so listen to me. You must be strong until you graduate from junior high school, okay? Just take it as a task I have arranged for you. If you can bear the humiliation and finish school in that school, I will promise you to teach you other unique skills. "


"Of course. Now let me ask you some questions. Has your uncle been living here alone all the time?"

"No, sometimes grandpa and grandma will come, and sometimes great-grandpa will also come. But most of the time, he lives alone or takes aunt Lucia back to live with him. But aunt Lucia seldom comes here. When she is here, I will be there. My home is in No. 8 mansion, which is the one behind uncle's villa. "

"Really?" It turned out that Simon's girlfriend was called Lucia? She must be from a rich family.

"But I don't like aunt Lucia. She is very clingy and..." Speaking of this, Ethan trembled all over. Vana was confused and didn't know what happened to him. He said, "That... You feel uncomfortable when you see her talking or doing something. Do you understand? "

'Is that woman so coquettish?' Vana wondered.

How could she be as coquettish as Petty?

"Does your uncle like her?"

"My father told me that my uncle wanted her to be a test tube baby. He didn't want to sleep with her anyway," Ethan said in a low voice,

you think it will make Ethan feel heavy to ask for this? "

When Vana said these words, she had been looking at the expression of Simon, trembling with fear. She also plucked up the courage to refute these words. After knowing that she liked this man, she had tried her best not to go against this man, but she knew clearly that the maintenance of a relationship could not be the constant coaxing of one side, and this kind of balance would be broken one day.

After Vana finished her words for a long time, Simon nodded. His expression was still serious, but he said patiently, "I accept your opinion, but it doesn't mean that Ethan is responsible for himself. I hope you can hand him over to accept the punishment."

"What punishment?" Vana was confused.


"What? How can you do this? Wait, do you know that you are punishing a child with physical punishment? In the modern law, you are going to be arrested by the police. "

"This is the discipline of Si Family. No one else has the rights to interfere."

Vana, who had been protecting Ethan, was speechless. When Simon was about to stretch out his hand to pull Ethan, Vana held Simon's arm subconsciously and opposed righteously, "I'm also involved in this matter. Just take it as my instigation. If you want to punish, just beat me. Ethan is still a child. You can't be so cruel to him."

Well, even though Vana was very sad, she still had to protect Ethan. After all, Vana was his master.

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